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18,  · ere is practically no limit to what should be included in meeting minutes unless you clearly get instructions from e chair or director of e meeting. It’s not a bad ing to ask someone what you are supposed to note down or what improvements e chair committee wants to make to your previous meeting minutes. In simple words, starting wi meeting details i.e. time and date, go on to . 06,  · How to Get Current Date and Time in Bash Script Written by Rahul, Updated on e 6, . You can use date command on Linux shell script to get current Date and Time. e date command is e part of e Linux Coreutils package. is tutorial will help you to get e current date and time in a . We will use -mtime option wi e find command. We can provide e time we want to search. In is example, we will search files and folders in e directory/etc ose modified in e last 24 hour. $ sudo find /etc -mtime -24 Find Command According To mtime Find Less en Specified Modification Time. 16,  · Minutes for Ordinary Meeting Wednesday, 16 Virtual 1.00pm. ese minutes are due to be confirmed on 21 ober 2. Any ision included in ese minutes is subject to change resulting from a rescission motion passed by Council. 11,  ·. Approval of e minutes of e meeting of Directors held on e 16, ere were no questions or comments. A motion to approve such minutes, as submitted, was made, seconded, and unanimously adopted. 2. Chairperson’s Report Mr. Weisbrod delivered a Chairperson’s report to e Board, noting at e Board has. On Linux, ere is no track of e creation time of a file. You can only access: e last modification time of e content (a creation counts as a modification of course), mtime, e last access time, atime, e last modification time of e meta-data, ctime. If you want to look for files wi a test based on ese times, find (man find) can help you. Minutes of e General Council Meeting held on 25 ust Page 8 of 17. 14/8/20 Cricket balls into Parslow Rd ion Cricket and Club wi resident representative 18/8/20 Mitchell Park S C Centre Met Land and Property staff re Management model 19/8/20 ion Historical Society Chaired AGM 23/8/20 ion Village Museum Tour wi my family. Minutes of e General Council Meeting held on 11 ust Page 3 of 19 CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES Confirmation of e minutes for e General Council Meeting held on 28 y and Special General Council Meeting held on 29 y Report Reference: GC200811R01 Moved Councillor – Raelene Telfer Seconded Councillor - Na an Prior 1. ) I'm curious if e modification needs to be 60 minutes or greater or if 59m 1s would trip it. I'm not sure it needs to be at precise for what Abs is doing. – Otis Feb 12 '09 at 23:24. Minutes were approved at e 18, Commission Meeting Au or Day Mrs. Mondowney reported at e Au or Day program featured T. L. Criswell, au or of e Peacemaker, e story of a teenager who struggled rough e criminal justice system. Ms. Criswell spoke to more an 300 students and adults on , at Main Library. -mtime +n means strictly greater an, -mtime -n means strictly less an. Note at wi Bash, you can do e more intuitive: $ find. -mmin +$((60*24. $ find. -mmin -$((60*24. to find files older and newer an 24 hours, respectively. (It's also easier an typing in a fractional argument to -mtime for when you want resolution in hours or minutes.). Since we now understand e differences among mtime, ctime, and atime, by understanding how find uses e -mtime option, e o er two become understood as well. So I will describe find's use of e -mtime option. As you probably know, e find command can run for minutes or hours depending on e size of e filesystem being searched. TIP COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES MONDAY, 18, – 1:30 P.M. GoToMeeting I. Call to order and Welcome — Ed O’Reilly called e meeting to order. II. Minutes from ch 23, meeting — Laurie Adams moved to approve e minutes. Pete Bick seconded e motion. Minutes of e Annual General Meeting (AGM) National Bat Conference, Nottingham University, Nottingham Saturday 7 David Gibbons (BCT Chair) chaired e meeting and covered e rules for voting: He pointed out at spare AGM papers, annual report and annual review (to be approved at is AGM) were available at e front of. 09,  · is function uses Bash's simple built-in integer ma ematical capabilities to display a duration (in seconds) in a more human-readable form. For completeness, it actually offers two different formats. by default, it displays 03h15m23s, but if you call it wi e word long as e second argument, it will say 3 hours, 15 minutes and 23 seconds. 20,  · Minutes of Ordinary Meeting - 20 Bass Coast Shire Council Page Response:. e current erosion control measures are an interim plan. e seawall has wi stood e last ree storm events, noting at it was still under construction at e . Apr 28,  · MINUTES OF E EMERALD COAST UTILITIES AU ORITY VIRTUAL*BOARD MEETING TUESDAY, APRIL 28, 3:00 P.M. PENSACOLA, FLORIDA *Due to e lared Public Heal Emergency associated wi e COVID-19 pandemic, e Office of e Governor, on ch 20, issued Executive Order Number 20-69, allowing local government bodies. MINUTES OF E MEETING February 25, I. Call to order Robert regular05Reilly called to order of e Chapmanmeeting e Fanny Board, at 7:Olpm aton February 25, Doylestown Boro Hall. II. Roll call We welcome board,our newest member of e AlsoMr. Kevin McCann. in attendance: Heaps,Robert O'Reilly, Plummer,Emily Walsh Joyce Ed. To find e files at have been modified N minutes ago, or wi a modification date older an N, simply replace -mtime wi -mmin.. So if you want to find e files at have been changed (wi e files data modification time older an) in e last N minutes from a directory and subdirectories, use. find /directory/pa / -mmin N -ls. Examples: Find all files modified in e last 5 minutes. Apr 21,  · To see and edit meeting notes during e meeting, Click on e chat symbol and hit Show meeting notes 2. Here you can edit e meeting minutes during e meeting. 3. 26,  · John and Nikki Daniels hosted e , B.A.S.H. meeting on Sunday e 19 at eir home in Rockport. El Presidente Mike Wojdyla called e meeting to order and anked our hosts. He gave a recap of e Big Brew held earlier in . We can’t wait to taste Aggie Bill Hughen’s New England IPA, Tim Grace and Willi. 28, 2006 · -mtime - means modification time less an days and -mtime + means modification time greater an days. Last edited by tayyabq8. 12-28-2006 at 05:05 AM.. tayyabq8. meeting to conduct e annual Pre-Audit Presentation for FY. Mr. Ruppel began by stating e meeting’s purpose – to establish a connection wi members of e audit committee and to give em an opportunity to ask questions regarding e upcoming audit. Mr. Ruppel discussed some of e items presented in e written pre-audit report.. A discussion took place around e format of minutes and requested at future minutes provide more notation of meeting discussion and at minutes to be circulated to all committee members prior to publication. Motion at e minutes of e Alwyndor Management Committee held on 20 February be taken as read and confirmed. 07,  · How to search/grep/extract contents from a log file for e last 5 minutes and email e contents to yourself. is how to will be using a combination of bash and cron in Linux to achieve. At 3:03 p.m. Chair Lois Deloatch called e meeting to order. e Board took e following actions: • Voted to approve e minutes of e e 25, meeting. • Voted to approve e financial status reports as of e 30, and y 31, . • Reviewed financial policies in anticipation of communications from auditors. A motion to approve e minutes of e regular board meeting of 24, was made by Mr. Zylstra, seconded by Mr. Rogen. e motion carried. REVIEW AND CONSIDERATION OF PROPOSED WRITE-OFF OF UNCOLLECTABLE ACCOUNTS Manager McCar y called upon Debra Biever to review e proposed write-off of uncollectible electric energy. REVIEW AND CONSIDERATION OF MINUTES A motion to approve e minutes of e regular board meeting of uary 28, wi a correction made to e start time of 9:30.m. was made by Mr. Fish, seconded by Mr. Hansen. e motion carried. EXECTIVE SESSION Director Zylstra joined e meeting at is time. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, e largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share . 24,  · I want to display a countdown before purging cache from CDN network. Is ere an existing command to show a conuntdown from 30..1 as 30,29,28, 1 on Linux or Unix bash shell script? ere are various ways to show a countdown in your shell scripts. 30,  · -mtime refers to number of days while -mmin refers to number of minutes. 3. You can set e time criteria. A +5 value means more an 5 days/minutes while a -5 value means 5 days/minutes or less. You can also use a combination like +5 - to denote an interval at is more an 5 days/minutes and less an days/minutes. 4. 03,  · $ find. -mtime +30 -print. e above command will find and display e older files which are older an 30 day in e current working directorys. Here, dot .) - Represents e current directory.-mtime - Represents e file modification time and is used to find files older an 30 days.-print - . 30,  · e Ridgemont Board of Education Meeting was held tonight in e Ma Room (304). You can access e Board agendas and minutes at is direct link Ridgemont Agendas, Minutes and Policies or by logging on to e Ridgemont Schools website. Below are e highlights from tonight’s board meeting. 24,  · Vue Apartments issue in e Regular Board meeting minutes of February 25, . A motion was made by Dr. Walker, and seconded by Mr. Perkins, to approve e minutes of e Special Board meeting of February 6, as presented and approve e minutes of e Regular Board meeting of February 25, as presented and amended. ORDINARY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES 16 MITCHELL SHIRE COUNCIL Page ii 9.5 Planning Permit Application PLP012/19 For Buildings and works for e construction of an extension to an existing hotel, reduction in car parking requirements, increase in licenced area. meeting. It was erefore confirmed at Maggie Jones would act as Chair after Nat’s departure from e meeting. LARATIONS OF INTEREST 1.3. ere were none. MINUTES OF MEETINGS HELD 22 EMBER 1.4. e minutes at EC(18)M06 were approved as a good and accurate record of e meeting. MATTERS ARISING 1.5. ordinary council meeting minutes 17 mitchell shire council page 1 minutes of e ordinary council meeting of e mitchell shire council held at mitchell civic centre, 113 high street broadford on 17 e meeting opened: 7.00pm councillors present cr annie goble central d cr david atkinson central d. Minutes of e Annual General Meeting (AGM) National Bat Conference, Nottingham University, Nottingham Saturday 8 David Gibbons (BCT Chair) chaired e meeting and covered e rules for voting: He pointed out at spare AGM papers, annual report and annual review (to be approved at is AGM) were available at e front of. Bash is an sh-compatible command language interpreter at executes commands read from e standard input or from a file.Bash also incorporates useful features from e Korn and C shells (ksh and csh).. Bash is intended to be a conformant implementation of e Shell and Utilities portion of e IEEE POSIX specification (IEEE Standard 03.1).Bash can be configured to be POSIX-conformant by. Minutes were approved at e 15, Regular Commission Meeting NOTED Mr. Gregory Terrell, CPA, introduced Mr. Ron Dean, CPA, and stated at Mr. Dean performed most of e Detroit Library Cooperative and e Burton Endowment Fund audit reports. MINUTES OF E ORDINARY MEETING OF E IRTEEN COUNCIL HELD ON MONDAY 28 OBER AT 6:00PM IN COUNCIL CHAMBER, CIVIC CENTRE, ALICE SPRINGS. ATTENDANCE 1.1 Opening of e Meeting by e or (Chair) e or Damien Ryan lared e meeting open at 6.00pm and welcomed all present. MINUTES OF E ORDINARY MEETING OF E IRTEEN COUNCIL HELD ON MONDAY 31 UST AT 6:00PM IN E CIVIC CENTRE, ALICE SPRINGS Due to e COVID-19 pandemic is meeting was held via Zoom teleconference.. ATTENDANCE 1.1 Opening of e Meeting . MINUTES OF E MEETING February 24, . Call to order Emily Heaps called to order e regular meeting of e Fanny Chapman Board at 7:00 pm on February 24, at e Borough Office. II. Roll call In attendance, Emily Heaps, Tom Kane, Bob Shaffer, Joyce Plummer. IAA Board Meeting Minutes 29, Page 2 o ORDINANCES, RESOLUTIONS AND PUBLIC HEARING President Glass introduced Mr. Robert omson, Sr. Director of Finance, who introduced General Ordinance No. 01-, concerning an amendment to e Rates and Charges Ordinance, as more particularly described in said BP-05-01, outlining a new long-term aircraft parking. e meeting will end 40 minutes later if no one else joins. Note: e meeting durations for paid users only apply to users assigned a paid license or using Webinar licenses (for webinars, panelists are treated e same as participants, however, attendees do not affect time duration). Minutes of previous meeting • Minutes tabled Accepted: Aimee Bartlett 2nd Angie Barclay 3. Correspondence • Nil. 2 4. Action Items Minute Item Number Description Who Completed 5.7.iv Provide e school wi some of e tea towels for e school archive. Natalie Tea Towels.

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