black ops 2 nuketown zombies free code generator

black ops 2 nuketown zombies free code generator

Pages Pagina de pornire. The game was launched at 16, stores worldwide at midnight on November 13, Black Ops II is the first game in the Call of Duty franchise to feature future warfare technology and the first to present branching storylines driven by player choice. It also offers a 3D display option. Map Packs will be available in , and Nuketown Zombies will be available in December You can always contact us if you find any errors in the software.

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Group created mechanical robots, as well as staffs that control the powers of the elements. Stumbling upon an ancient tomb believed to be of Vril origin, they accidentally unleash the first known zombie outbreak in history. By this time, Group 's operatives have been wiped out, and Maxis himself was lobotomized when he began to turn into a zombie. The group are contacted by Samantha, who begs them to free her from Agartha. Richtofen puts Maxis' brain in a flying drone, and he joins the fight against the zombies and to free Samantha.

The group is eventually successful, and while Maxis meets his daughter, they enter Agartha to be rewarded. A cutscene is played, showing Samantha with a boy named Eddie inside a house playing with toys of the characters who have appeared in the Zombies game mode throughout all three games.

Air raid sirens are heard and the two children retreat to the basement with Maxis, with Samantha noting her father has a plan to make the heroes of their games real.

On New Year's Eve , the four attempt to escape the prison, using Weasel's plan to build a makeshift airplane called Icarus. However, the prison becomes infested with zombies, and they are forced to fight their way out.

They succeed in building the airplane, but crash-land at the Golden Gate Bridge. They are then teleported back to the prison, with no memories of their previous attempt except Weasel, who keeps a journal of the ongoing events. They continuously try to escape, but the result remains the same. After many failures, they discover that they were actually stuck in Purgatory , constantly repeating a cycle as punishment for their past sins.

In reality, the escape plan never came to fruition, and Weasel was killed by the other three on New Year's Eve, while the rest were given the death penalty weeks later. Having remembered the truth, Sal, Billy and Finn set out to kill Weasel once again. Two possible endings can occur: if Weasel is killed, the cycle repeats once again; if Weasel lives and the other three are killed, the cycle is broken, and he is finally freed of his punishment.

Activision Blizzard CEO Robert Kotick stated on November 8, , that a new Call of Duty game was in development for a release and would be the newest installment in the franchise. Singer served as a consultant on the storyline of the game. No information had yet been released by Activision, but Gameblog claimed that Activision demanded it remove its original report too.

The URL was later removed. On April 23, , Activision redesigned CallofDuty. After the game was revealed, the preorder rates on the game set records three times higher than for the preorders of the first Black Ops.

The storyline was described by writer David S. Goyer as "better than a Hollywood movie". In developing Black Ops II , Treyarch introduced several revisions to the gameplay mechanics for online multiplayer that have been a hallmark of the Call of Duty franchise. These include the introduction of "multi-team" games that allow matches to host three or more teams of players, in contrast to the traditional two factions, [ citation needed ] and revisions to the "Create-A-Class" function that allows users to select which guns, attachments, weapon camouflage and perks additional bonuses that alter aspects of gameplay to use in multiplayer matches.

They also announced what they termed "CODcasting", a form of live streaming that allows users to stream their games directly onto YouTube from their gaming consoles. Before one enters multiplayer mode, one needs to simply just turn on the 3D setting in the "options" menu.

Square Enix released the game for the Japanese market on November 22, , as a subbed version. A Japanese voice-dubbed version was released separately on December 20, The script for this version was translated by Zenigame Nakamoto.

The translated version was criticized for its translation errors. The game's soundtrack was composed by Jack Wall , [49] with the main theme composed by Trent Reznor , [50] the leader of industrial rock project Nine Inch Nails since Also, a version of the song " Try It Out " by Skrillex and Alvin Risk is used in the game, but it is not present in the soundtrack album.

When the Campaign is completed, after the end credits, Woods and Menendez perform a concert with heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold on their song "Carry On", with Woods on drums and Menendez on rhythm guitar. The band chose to use Woods as the drummer in the game due to the loss of their original drummer The Rev , who died of a drug overdose on December 28, The band's song "Shepherd of Fire" is featured on the Zombie mode Origins.

Heralding the release of Black Ops II ' s DLCs, Activision releases a live-action short starring a well-groomed Peter Stormare , who acts as a "Replacer", part of a group who are sent by mutual friends to take your place during your daily life while you can stay at home and play Black Ops II ' s new content.

Stormare goes on to explain the aims of his jobs and is then shown in multiple situations where he has taken over random people's jobs, such as masquerading as a pregnant lady's husband, working at an office, and enduring a grandmother's endless talking, as well as other such scenarios.

Smoove joined Stormare in the second production of The Replacers , in which the two maintain a haphazard relationship. Stormare normally acts as a mentor to the new replacer Smoove by pointing out his various quirks while doing his job, such as his poor performance defending his client while he replaces a lawyer, admitting that he might be guilty. The first major DLC pack is called Revolution. Also included was the first DLC weapon; the Peacekeeper.

Turned occurs in the Diner segment of the TranZit map from the original release, and allows up to four players to fight each other in two teams — one human against three zombies.

The Die Rise map is a larger zombies survival map taking place in two semi-destroyed skyscrapers in Shanghai, where one to four players use elevators to travel between floors. These allow the player to make small aesthetic changes to the multiplayer functionality of the game, like adding the flag of their country to the kill notification box, adding new weapon skins and allowing the player to use more Create-a-Class slots. The second major DLC pack is known as Uprising.

The third major DLC pack is called Vengeance. The fourth and final major DLC pack is called Apocalypse. On March 27, , Activision revealed that they were considering releasing Revolution , but a firm decision had not yet been made. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

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