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01,  · e Golden-shaded Chinchillas have multiple-colored undercoat, and look gorgeous and beautiful. ey have brown rims around eir eyes and nose. Ano er type is e Cameo Persian cat at has some red tipping on e coat. 12,  · Available shaded golden persian male kitten pictured here at wks old. For more information see: 28,  · Enfin, le shaded tabby est à mi-chemin entre le smoke tabby et le tipped tabby, ayant un tiers du poil qui est foncé et les deux-tiers qui sont clairs. Un British longhair silver shaded tabby - Crédit photo. Et chez les Persans golden shaded, la robe du chat a une apparence dorée! Un Persan golden shaded - Crédit photo. Tabby. Bicolor. Pointed (Himalayan) Chocolate . White. Shaded/Smoke/Shell. Silver/Golden. Remember, none of ese genes are located on e X or Y-chromosomes, so ey are not linked to e (gender) of e cat. So males and females bo have two copies of each modifying color gene. Dilute: e dilute gene is a recessive gene. So if at. Natalia - Shaded Golden Tabby Persian Kit - 5389328813. is is a Female Persian, Tabby in Unionville IN posted on Oodle Classifieds. Natalia - Currently Available Natalia loves to prance about and pag her delicate tail wi shear excitement. We love. We have produced several Shaded Golden Persian kittens, wi is kitten, his Gold color is strong and intense, contrast wi very black kings. Kittens do change color as ey grow and at 8 weeks old his coat will be enhanced even more beautiful! Reserve an extraordinary male Shaded Golden Persian kitten today out of e Giovanna line! Une éleveuse britannique, Mme Vallence, serait à l’origine du Persan Chinchilla. En effet, vers 1880, celle-ci obtint le premier Persan avec une robe argentée, un mêle nommé Silver Lambkin, à partir de l’accouplement d’un Persan fumé et d’un Persan silver tabby. When at happens, if 1), 3), and 4) above are still ere, you have a golden. I have had shaded golden cats. In Oriental Shor airs e color is rarely so distinct from a regular brown, ebony, or black ticked tabby at ey are wor y of being regsitered as shaded goldens, but cleck here to see picture of a shaded golden Oriental Kitten. e Shaded Golden Persian cat has an undercoat of pale honey to bright apricot wi a mantle of black tipping shading down from e sides, face, head and tail. e legs are e same tone as e face. Coat on e back, flanks, head and tail sufficiently tipped wi e black to enhance a golden appearance. e Society occasionally has pedigree Chinchilla, Shaded Silver, Golden, Smoke and Silver Tabby cats looking for permanent, loving homes. All cats are homed neutered or spayed, fully vet checked, blood tested, vaccinated and microchipped. All prospective homes are fully checked. ese are all specific breeds of Persian Cats. Along wi e agouti gene (A), e wide band gene (Wb) plays an important role in e color of e Silver and Golden Persian. e wider e band, e less color ere will be at e end of e hair shaft. Genetics of e Gold Persian - A-B-D-ii-Wb e agouti (A) gray/yellow/orange coloring is what gives Goldens eir unique base color. Meet Darling Dimples! A shaded golden Persian male kittens, available and ready for his new forever home. Find out how to make him yours by visiting our website: Shaded silvers are e black form. but e shading can any colour. Shaded Golden cats have a pale honey-colour undercoat instead of silvery white. Shaded Silver lies between e extremes of Silver Tabby and Chinchilla/tipped and is commonly produced by mating a Silver Tabby . 22,  · is video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Pure Royalty Persians 330-824- 35 [email protected] Chinchilla Golden Persian Kittens Chinchilla Silver Persian Kittens Shaded Golden Persian Kittens. Le persan black golden shaded (golden tabby. golden shaded, yeux or) est l’homologue du persan golden mais avec les yeux or à cuivre. Il est confondu avec le persan brown tabby. Le persan blue golden shaded a une fourrure tiqueté de bleu-gris sur 1/3 de la longueur du poil sur un sous-poil de couleur ron glaçé-doré. We are not a pet store and do not sell our kittens to just anyone, an online kitten application must be approved prior to placing a deposit. You can fill out at application by clicking HERE. All deposits are taken in good fai and are 0 NON-REFUNDABLE so please be sure you are serious about purchasing e kitten. Persian Kittens For Sale. We Specialize In Golden Persian Kittens. We Also have Silver Persians From Time To Time. Our Kittens Come wi a Heal Guarantee. If Your Interested In A Persian I . Allevamento amatoriale gatti silver e golden nelle varianti chinchilla, shaded e tabby. Visita il nostro sito web. Breeder of Persian chinchilla, shaded and tabby. 25127 Brescia (Lombardia), Italia - Italy. Caloola Silvers Breeding only e best Show Quality and Pet Chinchilla and Shaded Silver Persians and Exotics. Sou ern Highlands NSW. Take a walk on e wild side wi Mason. is beautiful baby is as sweet as can be. His precious face is too cute for words! He has e purr-fect doll-face we love. We adore his exotic tabby kings which are highlighted wi a m caramel coloring on his face, wi a light cream in [ ]. British Cats Cattery EstiBri*PL – We specialize in breeding: tabby COLOURPOINT, SILVER & GOLDEN POINT, SHADED, CHINCHILLA &CAMEO (Poland) British Dynasty – We are a small cattery located in Seattle area.We are TICA members and specialize on classic blue and lilac colors. Shaded Golden Toi Soldier is Available! He is e cutest little clown, and he's ready to go to his new home! Toi is pet pricied at $6500 plus nanny delivery service. He is our only long hair golden boy. (We do have an exotic shor air golden also available on is page). La chatterie des Maudor est un petit élevage familial de chats Persans chinchilla, silver, golden shaded, golden shell, blue golden shaded et blue golden shell (chinchilla). Nous sommes situés dans l'Ain, entre Mâcon et Bourg-en-Bresse. Nous élevons également des Maines Coons. 01,  · e goldens are often plagued wi an excess of tabby kings at interfere wi e delicate shading. Shaded Golden: e ideal is a cat wi a clear, rich cream undercoat mantled in black, just like e shaded silver. Shaded and Smoke Division e cats in is division all have copper eyes. Les persans golden shaded auraient été créés par le croisement de persans chinchillas et de persans bruns tabby. Les persans chinchillas ont très souvent les yeux vert émeraude cerclés de paupières noires. La couleur verte apparaît environ t mois après la mise bas. Il peut arriver qu'ils aient les yeux verts bleutés. Quelques fois, les silver shaded peuvent avoir des yeux cuivrés, ils sont dans . 26, 2007 · Hi Everyone! I am having a color problem. On 12-19-06 my copper eyed white female gave bir to 4 gorgeous kittens. 3 of which were white and 1 we are not sure what he. We have come to e conclusion he is ei er a brown tabby or a shaded golden tabby. His mom is a copper eyed white persian and dad is a blue eyed white persian. A small, cage free cattery specializing in beautiful Shaded Silver, Chinchilla, Shaded Golden and Blue Shaded Golden Persians and Exotic Shor air. Silver Reign Cattery started wi lines and pedigrees from top breeders around e world. Home of CCA National and Regional winning cats. We are registered wi CCA, CFA, TICA. 28,  · e above is a shaded silver. While it isn't a great photo I hope you can see e mantle of tipping on his back. Most silvers (and goldens) are born wi some tabby kings, but ey fade. How long it takes depends on e cat. Generally, my silver kittens tabby kings faded wi in a couple of weeks from bir, whereas e goldens take longer. We have sold golden, golden shaded, and golden tabby Persians and have more for sale, We have Brown Patch and Brown Mackerel Tabby Persians as well, We have introduced Chocolates into our breeding program and now have Chocolate Bicolor and Chocolate Shaded kittens. We have also diluted chocolate for Lilac Point and Lilac Shaded kittens. e Golden Persian does not have as long a history in CFA as does e Silver Persian. its light color, not because of e appropriate amount of tipping. A darker golden color was more apt to be shown as a shaded golden simply because it was dark, wi less attention given to e amount of tipping. as in e Peke-face Red Tabby standard. e golden shaded British Shor air is e one of e most recent colour developments in e British Shor air breed. It is a strikingly vibrant, rich golden colour and e genetics behind e colour are very interesting, and not yet fully understood. e tabby nature of e shaded can be seen in e following attributes: shaded ASH cats have pigmentation around e eye (eg black eyeliner in a shaded silver) surrounded by a white (silver) zone, pigmented lips, a brick red or pink nose, colored paw pads, . M on forehead. (Visible in ticked tabby cats, but hard to discern in shaded silver/golden, and tipped cats) in pencil lines on face. (Visible in ticked tabby cats, but hard to discern in shaded silver/golden, and tipped cats) Black eyeliner appearance and white or . Tabby, cela explique le quage. Les chats tabby ont une sorte de maquillage sur la tête: ils ont notamment le tour des yeux + clairs. Ils ont aussi des sortes de rayures/tâches + ou - quées sur le corps. C'est dommage que je n'ai pas de photos du chat de mes parents avec moi, c'est un persan bleu tabby. Les chinchillas sont des chats. Lilac golden shaded british shor air.Available golden shaded kittens. Buy cat british shor air kittens. We will be breeding solid blue you can see kittens from our previous litters in e photo gallery blue bicolour chocolate chocolate bicolour tabby lilac. Lilac in cat fancy jargon denotes a delicate frosty grey lighter an e classic blue and wi a noticeable pinkish tone. Persian kittens for sale at Swee eart Kittens Cattery. Teacup size doll face kittens available. e Golden Shaded British Shor air An additional development is e arrival of e Golden British Shor air and, even more recently, e Copper British Shor air cat. ese are dealt wi in a arate article, but eir colours also rely on e Wide Band and Ultra Wide Band genes. ey are significantly lighter in all over color an e Shaded Silver Persian. e Chinchilla should have a tiny amount of black tipping on e face and legs. True Chinchillas are becoming rarer every day as many Silver and Golden breeders add o er color Persians to eir breeding programs. 17, - Tipped fur cats, chinchilla cats, chinchilla coat cats, shaded cats, smoke, smoked cats, smoke coat cats, Shell Cameo, Red Chinchilla, Shaded Cameo 22 pins. 16,  · Prince Charming is amazing Shaded Golden Persian kitten has been sold. However, if you would like to apply for a kitten similar to is one, please fill out our Kitten Application You can also join our VIP Members Group Adoption Information Profile D.O.B. 12/12/ Breed: Persian Gender: Male Color: Shaded Golden & White Bi-Color E-mail Us. Silver Shaded Chinchilla (Male) $950 Golden Tabby Chinchilla (Female) $950 Orange-Ginger Cream Cameo Chinchilla (Male) $850 (2 available) We are well known for our wonderful hand-raised, beautiful and well socialized kittens. Currently we have several Chinchilla Persian kittens available and ey can be reserved wi a deposit and will be. e Gallery cats are listed alphabetically. Click on any letter to see e cats wi names beginning wi at letter. Click on to view e individual cat's pedigree.. Click on to view a larger photo of e cat.. to add your cat to e Gallery. It take several weeks for . 21,  · Ticked Tabbies are closely related to e Shaded shor airs. Bo cats lack stripes on e body, but a Ticked Tabby has stripes on at least 2 of e following: head, neck, legs, or tail. As in Shaded, e pattern is defined by overall appearance of e cat, not by e tipping of e hair. e hairs be tipped or multiply banded. Shaded Golden Persian kitten male. Available. A Shaded Golden Male Persian kitten. accented wi shades of white, apricot, cream, chocolate. He has a cute Doll Face wi tabby kings on his face. He is playful and active, as sweet as can be. A few weeks old in .

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