code to get free drinks from vending machine

code to get free drinks from vending machine

Using specific codes 2. Share this Post: Tweet. Like this: Like Loading Anonymous says:. Diebetic says:. Killer 5 says:. Ryan James Rathbun says:. Hack Team says:. Raheem says:. Clayton says:. Jay says:. Jimmy says:. Talon morlan says:. E-man says:. John says:. Tessa Gray says:. NightElf says:. Emma says:. Marcella says:. Bob Jenkins says:. Lauren Brooks says:. Caleb Teague says:.

Dayna Smith says:. Da says:. A Hack Team says:. Ajay says:. William says:. William Rietdijk says:. Rianne says:. Hjgdjk says:. Hamza fidjel says:. Chad Guerra says:. Me says:. Cris says:. Ass nice says:. Bunlongchim says:. The left-most button on the second row is 4 , etc. Enter the code. The code you'll usually use to access the debug menu is 4 3 2 1 , so press the 4, 3, 2, and 1 buttons in that order. If your machine has two rows of three buttons, you'll enter 5 4 2 3 1 instead.

Look for a confirmation message. Once you press the final button, you should see the text on the LED display change. If nothing happens when you enter the access code, your selected vending machine probably doesn't support access to the debug menu.

If you see an EROR message appear, that just means the debug menu is programmed to open to the "Error" section. Scroll through the available options. Press the 2 button to scroll up, or press 3 to scroll down. This stat may be reset when a technician visits the machine. While both of these options may be available, CASH is usually only on older machines. EROR — Displays error logs.

RTN — Exits the debug menu. Select an option. Press the 4 button to view the currently displayed option's information. Return to the debug menu. Press the 1 button to exit the current menu and go back to the debug menu through which you were initially scrolling.

View the machine's temperature. On some machines, pressing the 5 button will allow you to see the current internal temperature for the Coke machine. This won't work on all machines. Exit the menu. Usually, pressing the 6 button or the coin return button will accomplish this; however, simply leaving the machine alone for a few minutes will also cause the debug menu to close.

On some newer machines, you'll need to scroll to the RTN option and press the 4 button. Peter C. Say that you tried to make a purchase and that the vending machine took your money but didn't give you the product. Yes No. Not Helpful 22 Helpful If you are taking products from the machine, that is theft unless there is a good defense such as an emergency need for liquid during a hostage siege. Nobody can say whether or not you'll get caught but it's always highly likely, with people and cameras around.

As to whether or not you will "go to jail", that's up to your legal counsel and the courts; this isn't the place to get legal advice. Not Helpful 73 Helpful I'm pretty sure that if it's made by Royal Vendors and is that old, it'll work. This will enable you to set the price for the drink, and zero seems as good a price as any, right? Code might also work on other machines. Pepsi aren't for everybody, so if you're a Coke fan and come across the conveyor belt machines, this one is for you.

Insert money and choose your drink, then stick your hand in the machine and push against the door to confuse it. Once it gives you your money back, keep repeating this process until you have all the drinks you want. Just like the in the Coke machine hack above, this one requires you to push up on the door or gate at the bottom to make it think it didn't dispense anything even though it really did.

After a short wait, you can select another item or get a refund with the coin return mechanism. We tried this and it didn't work, so your mileage may very. While originally inspired for vending gumball machines in the UK, this one can potentially work anywhere, but you'll also need a bit of luck and probably an older vending machine.

The concept is simple, take a small coin, then wrap layers of foil over it to make it seem like a bigger and more valuable coin. It can also work with electrical tape, as seen below. You can also try this with parking meters as well, but again, most coin mechanisms are too smart for this, but you never know.

Some older vending machines have a glitch which is probably well fixed by now that will return a ripped dollar bill to you while still giving you credit for it. If only this could work with a cut credit card and a store card reader. While some of these could really work with the right machine, we have our doubts about others.

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I am sure it must be so hard that you got to STEAL from people just trying to make a living, from people. How pathetic. Will this work with those that have buttons under the drink display and they never show you the dispension process? Cause i wanna hack a singapore drink vending machine. Most of the code ones don't work.

A vending machine is an invaluable, yet totally frustrating piece of equipment. It's a godsend whenever your tummy's growling or you need an ice-cold drink on a hot summer day. But when something gets stuck inside or machone machine flat out malfunctions, it quickly becomes your archenemy. And when you're broke, it's basically just one big tease. So I get why so many people are interesting in hacking soda and snack vending machines. While it could be considered stealing, hacking a vending machine feels more like retribution, punishing code to get free drinks from vending machine for all those times it did you wrong. But how does one actually hack a vending machine? You could use a drill and screwbut only if you code to get free drinks from vending machine to get caught. Below are some hacks that may work for you. Some look like legit ways to break into a Coke or candy machine, while others may be too good to be true. It's up to you to decide. Report back with your success or fail stories. If you're by vensing coin-operated Nesquik vending machine, next time you need a cool, refreshing chocolate milktry using this code for a free drink: The numbers correspond to the 4th and top 10 movie editing software free download drink option button. Dinks inputting them, just select your drink. More info here. Code might also work on code to get free drinks from vending machine models with keypads. For the thief on the go, all you need is some paper money and packing tape. Just like the old coin-and-string trick which has been shown time and time again not to workyou stick the tape code to get free drinks from vending machine one end of the bill and insert it into the machine. code to get free drinks from vending machine Why the foolish idea of hacking vending machines remains so like “Top 5 Vending Machine Hacks to Get FREE Drinks and Snacks (WORKS. hack a vending machine: 1. Using specific codes 2. Manualy (No Codes) Let's see both methods: The codes: Get FREE drink: Get Your Personalized Glam Bag Get Free Candy From Any Vending Machines Codes & Trick! Click the link in bio to get yours (Buy 1 get 2 for FREE​). This secret iPhone code unlocks a hidden feature that may come in handy | Iphone codes, Iphone secret codes, Phone hacks iphone. Dec 6, - If you"ve ever. You can set prices from inside soda/snack machines but there is no code from the outside to get stuff for free. Source: I own over machines and have been​. › document. 9 tricks to getting free drinks, snacks, money. Get free stuff from a vending machine! life hacks. Thread how to hack vending machines. Life hacks don t know. How to Hack a Vending Machine: 9 Tricks to Getting Free Drinks, Snacks, & Money. A vending machine is an invaluable, yet totally frustrating piece of equipment. While you can't use this menu to give yourself a free drink—doing so would be Only Coca-Cola machines with LED displays which have some form of you enter the access code, your selected vending machine probably. Keep the door closed, and it will eventually give up. We have them in the UK. Ask a question. Sometimes when you buy your product directly from Coco-Cola, you can get free use of the machine as long as you continue to purchase your supplies directly from them. Anyway, 15 minutes after starting pressing buttons Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. There is a vending machine at a store I frequent that has a totally normal selection of drinks and then a random handwritten in Sharpie button that says "pineapple". When it falls, it should rest on the back of the gate you're holding up—don't let go yet. Sign Up. When you rent your own drink vending machine, you are responsible for filling the machine with the drinks. If you have a business that is in need of a drink machine, you can rent a Coca-Cola vending machine. Some older vending machines have a glitch which is probably well fixed by now that will return a ripped dollar bill to you while still giving you credit for it. There is information encoded on dollar bills. Haha I'm from Singapore toooo. code to get free drinks from vending machine