comic creator software free download for pc and pharmacists. Ann Pharmacother. Drug drug interaction checker software free download Asthma. External link.">

drug drug interaction checker software free download

drug drug interaction checker software free download

Size 17 MB. Category Medical. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Languages English. Price Free. App Support Privacy Policy. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. A PDDI occurs when an individual is prescribed two drugs that are known to interact. An occurrence of drug-drug interaction DDI is defined as a clinical alteration of the exposure or response to a drug as a result of coadministration.

DDIs can be clinically relevant when the result of the interaction warrants the attention of health care professionals HCPs. Most PDDIs are preventable, but it remains a significant problem to patients and the health care system [ 3 , 6 ]. It has been observed that physicians are not always aware of clinically significant drug interactions [ 7 , 8 ] and may underestimate the effects of PDDIs [ 9 ]. Other factors such as high workload in pharmacy could also lead to higher risk of PDDIs for patients [ 10 , 11 ].

DDIs have also been identified as a significant portion of the overall ADRs resulting in hospitalization among older adults [ 12 ]. One possible solution that has been proposed is to use a decision support system to detect and avoid PDDIs [ 7 , 9 ]. With the rise of smartphones and mobile apps, decision support systems for PDDIs are now within the reach of consumers and patients and no longer exclusive to HCPs.

This is an opportunity that can engage and empower patients by providing necessary tools to detect, avoid, and report ADR events stemming from DDIs [ 13 - 17 ].

The potential benefit for older adults with polypharmacy—the use of multiple medications—is deemed greater because of multiple prescribing providers involved in the care, which is a substantial risk factor for medication errors and ADR events [ 18 ]. Mobile health mHealth apps with PDDI decision support are not subject to the Food and Drug Administration regulation [ 19 ], and this may pose a substantial threat to the safety of consumers and patients. To our knowledge, the quantity, features, characteristics, or efficacy of the available PDDI mHealth apps on the market have never been systematically assessed.

Therefore, understanding the characteristics of these mHealth apps is important in planning future interventions or policies aiming at patient-centered care and patient safety.

This systematic review adhered to the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses systematic review protocol [ 21 ] as closely as possible, but it deviated in few instances because of the characteristics of mHealth app databases, which differ from scholarly reference databases for published articles.

To ensure the review process is transparent and replicable, the detailed descriptions of each step are provided below. Our review aimed to search apps that were publicly available to Canadians in English. This study developed a keyword search procedure to identify potentially eligible apps Textbox 1. First, the searcher was instructed to log out from the Google account on a browser to prevent any personalized search results.

The search terms were specifically developed to be in all lower case letters and in quotations for consistent and comprehensive search results. As operating systems and apps are updated routinely, searches on both stores were conducted on the same day in December Additionally, the searches were performed on a designated set of devices and the same network to obtain consistent search results and avoid deviations by personalized search results [ 23 ].

Search results were extracted and saved in a spreadsheet for the next stage of app selection. Following the search of the two databases, for each search term, all the identified apps were screened in two stages.

This study included apps that claim to check for PDDIs in their description, published in English, and last updated in or later. Apps were excluded if they targeted nongeneral consumers, passively informed users of PDDIs does not allow pair-wise or combinational interaction check , checked for drug interactions for pets and animals, and specific to a particular disease or drug class.

After screening the results for each search term, the selected app names were aggregated. If an app was listed in both stores, this study considered them separately and examined both versions to capture potentially varying features and user reviews. Second, the authors downloaded and installed the remaining apps from the first step to verify their eligibility one more time.

Apps that failed to launch after three attempts on the test devices were excluded. A set of general information about the apps were extracted following previous app review studies [ 24 , 25 ]. General app information provides contextual information such as availability, affordability, and user satisfaction level. A set of secondary features that can further empower end users beyond the PDDI check feature was identified from literature review [ 24 , 26 - 28 ].

In summary, the two extracted sets of information were as follows: 1 general information about the apps: last updated date, price, and user rating and 2 other relevant secondary features that the apps offered:. Medication management related features: reminder to take medication, reminder to refill medication, medication history tracking, pill identification, searching medication using generic or brand names, and access to medication database.

Security and privacy related features: password protection for user data and multiple user support. Multimedia Appendix 1 presents the secondary features extracted and examined for each app.

The MARS, a item, expert-based rating scale with a purpose of assessing the quality of mHealth apps, was used to critically and systematically evaluate the quality of the mHealth apps [ 20 ] See Multimedia Appendix 2 for a detailed MARS score for all included apps. This expert scale consists of multiple dimensions that assess different quality aspects of apps, including end-user engagement, features, aesthetics, content quality, and subjective quality [ 20 ].

This expert rating scale has been increasingly adopted in recent years for evaluating mHealth apps such as mindfulness [ 29 ], weight loss [ 25 , 30 ], smoking cessation [ 30 ], self-care [ 31 ], online well-being [ 32 ], and medication adherence [ 24 ]. A previous study has shown high internal consistencies in the total score and subscales, as well as strong interrater reliability IRR [ 20 ]. Moreover, use of a standardized assessment scale such as MARS for evaluating mHealth apps has been recommended by various researchers [ 33 - 35 ].

The popularity of MARS led to the further development of an Italian version [ 36 ] and an end-user version for nonresearchers [ 37 ]. The last dimension of MARS is app subjective quality, which takes the subjective opinions of the reviewers. To ensure the quality assessment process is as consistent and objective as possible, the subjective quality dimension was omitted from this review.

A previous study that employed MARS as an objective method to assess quality also excluded the subjective quality dimension [ 25 ]. Instead, relevant information was captured from the app databases, including the price and app ratings. Before rating the apps, each rater read and familiarized themselves with the MARS protocol.

A group discussion was followed to achieve a consensus on the rating criteria, and the first app was rated as a group. The need for an objective example of PDDIs arose for the MARS questions 15 and 16 that assess comprehensiveness and accuracy of the content and information. On the basis of a careful review of the literature [ 38 , 39 ], we developed a list of PDDIs with 20 true positive and six false positive examples Multimedia Appendix 3.

The percentage of correctly identified and described PDDIs was scaled to a range from 1 to 5 for questions 15 and No previous studies have reported on the details of how the accuracy and comprehensiveness of app content were assessed.

Two raters assessed each app individually. The kappa value was assessed by putting quadratic weights for differing values. The ICC coefficient was calculated with a two-way random model and for agreement level. The weighted kappa, Krippendorff alpha, and ICC were calculated per dimension and for all apps.

Each dimension in MARS was analyzed using the mean value as recommended by the developers [ 20 ]. The difference in app quality between the two app stores was analyzed by t tests. A significance level of. All analyses were performed in R version 3. The app store search was conducted in December After removing duplicates in each database, the authors reviewed the descriptions of apps against the inclusion and exclusion criteria Figure 1.

Review was initiated for 25 apps, but the authors excluded two additional apps identified as duplicates in multi-language versions, leaving a total of 23 apps for this study Figure 1. Seven apps were listed in both stores.

Table 1 summarizes the general information of the reviewed apps and the mean MARS scores. NA: not available. The last updated dates for the Android apps were from April to December , whereas the iOS apps ranged from July to December The average rating for the apps from the Google Play Store was 3.

Secondary features, features other than PDDI check, were extracted and examined for each app. On average, they had 3. The overall number of apps per secondary feature is shown in Figure 2. The mean MARS score of the 23 apps was 3. The IRR between two raters as assessed by the weighted kappa was.

The mean scores of the four dimensions of MARS were examined to investigate the magnitude of the differences in quality in each dimension. Functionality dimension resulted in the highest mean score 3.

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Instantly check drug interactions, dosages, pharmacology - identify pills, and find drugs alternatives or all drugs approved for a selected indication. Use of MedTap is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical judgment and you should promptly contact your own health care provider drug drug interaction checker software free download any drug drug interaction checker software free download conditions or medical questions that you may have. This is super helpful when I take new medications. Also, it can check for drug interactions softwade I never corel draw software free download for mac about taking the wrong things. All in all drug drug interaction checker software free download brilliant app with a lot of useful features! Medtap interactipn me confidence about interactions between medications. It also provides detailed information about the risk created by this iteraction, and I like that the content is directly linked to the drug's label The drug reference tool is a great add on which I also use all the time. This app is very quick and easy to navigate and offers different types of searches which I found useful for my needs. Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Instantly check drug interactions, dosages, pharmacology - identify pills, and find drugs alternatives or all drugs approved for a selected indication. Jan 2, Version Ratings and Reviews See All. Subscriptions See All. Drug Interaction Checker. All Access: Drug Reference. drug drug interaction checker software free download MedTap is a free medical reference tool for patients, physicians, medical students​, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Features include: – Drug. Scan drug labels to help prevent adverse drug interactions on the go. Download the FREE Drug Interacton Checker App today for Apple and Android. The use of mHealth apps for checking PDDIs can be helpful in An occurrence of drug-drug interaction (DDI) is defined as a clinical Second, the authors downloaded and installed the remaining apps from the Mobile Application Rating Scale and its generalisability to apps targeting primary prevention. Download Drug Interaction Checker + and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Subscription is $ monthly (with the option to sign up for a free 2-​weeks. Published Oct. 20, by Cathy Reisenwitz in Medical Software It does a lot, even at the free level, from prescription drug and safety information to running potential drug interactions to checking health insurance formularies for medication sign up on the website and then download the app for your day free trial. Please note this search is limited to a total of 5 drugs at once. Search drug interactions by drug name. Enter drug names, separated by "; " (semi-colon followed. Access our free online video tutorials Sign In; API Portal · Commercial Downloads Portal The DDI checker works with common drug identifiers so it is easy to integrate It is easy to get drug-drug interactions for a medication list. Contact our sales team to add DrugBank's Drug-Drug Interaction data to your software. Check for drug interactions and learn what drug combinations to avoid with the RxList drug interaction checker tool. 27 It is possible that implementation of duplication/interaction checking may be less A comparison of five common drug–drug interaction software programs. Once your list is complete, you can check for interactions immediately or save your list for future reference. It will also display any interactions between your chosen drug s and food, beverages, or a medical condition. Ten possible elements outlined the drug interaction monograph's comprehensiveness. Selected Drugs will be displayed here. Scoring and out of possible points, Lexi-Interact and Micromedex, respectively, provided the most competent, complete, and user-friendly applications. Eur J Clin Pharmacol. Instantly check drug interactions, dosages, pharmacology - identify pills, and find drugs alternatives or all drugs approved for a selected indication. Overview Specs. Moreover, then each pair interaction was checked by each program. Interaction monographs often do not include detectable patient and medication risk factors that make nonsevere drug interactions clinically important. The reason was that in the version of Lexi-Interact that we evaluated, the onset of the interactions was not reported, unlike the previous versions. Epidemiology of drug-drug interactions as a cause of hospital admissions. How to Prevent Deadly Drug Interactions. Available for Android and iOS devices. drug drug interaction checker software free download