free bible study software for mac computers

free bible study software for mac computers

View all comments. Next story Best apps for enhancing photos. Jump to the FlashCards project page. CrossWire Bible Society; P. BibleDesktop is a powerful Bible study application based on Java technology with a unique layout. Find a plan that fits your schedule with options from five days to as long as a year. With the Olive Tree Bible App you can access the Olive Tree store, and build a robust reference library that will be available on all of your devices. The direct linking to reference material, notes, bookmarks, etc.

Nothing big to note here — just squashed some bugs! But if you're enjoying the Olive Tree Bible App, we would love for you to leave us a review. This app works on all my devices and I use it every day. I love the reading plans, Bible Translations and study resources love the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. Check our wiki. New feature:. They can now only be opened or copied into the module database. Please let us know the update plan.. This program does not work in macOS Devotionals, commentaries, dictionaries and lexicons are just some of its surprisingly versatile features in this basic Bible study and research software program.

While number three on this list, which includes free programs, Logos Bible Software is my number one choice for paid Bible study software. Logos is designed for anyone from the beginner Bible software user to the most serious Bible scholar.

I've been using the software since I retell the verse in question after comparing many renderings. Any suggestions? If the only thing that you are looking for is multiple translations, then any of the major Bible study programs will work. Almost all of them have a number of translations to choose from. For the most cost-effective option look at e-Sword. In that case take a look at Bibleworks.

It saves note files as RTF files easily editable in most word processors including Word. It is very flexible and easy to create your own modules as well as insert pictures into the modules.

Just love the program! I can easily copy in comments from my books and commentaries. And you can make your own comments at will. Right now I have a mb illustrated Bible commentary module that syncs across my devices in Dropbox.

And there is a large repository of free and paid modules out there. True, it is not as commercial as Logos, but my main interest is flexibility in Bible study, not reading books. My goal is to diagram, comment and illustrate the whole Bible, and this program allows me to do so and to use it as a teaching tool at the same time. I had only tried 2 of programs in your list — Logos and Olive Tree. To be honest the Logos interface design look so bad and confusing.

We assumed with this we would spend more time in understanding the scripture rather than sorting materials out and lay out them in front of us.

As mentioned above, these now let the user interact by clicking to get more details about the results. Hover over a commentary in the Info Pane and hold down the SHIFT key to freeze the content from that commentary to read it without opening the commentary.

Olive Tree Bible Reader offers a beautiful and simple user interface. Olive Tree shows original language details in popups with tagged Bibles.

You also get the Quick Detail window in the lower left corner. It also has links to their site, like training resources. The simple user-interface has three tabs including a Home tab, Study tab and Library.

The Library tab on the right shows your installed books in either list or grid format. Click to open them in the Study tab. Open multiple books by unchecking the box above the library which reads Switch to Study tab after opening a book.

For domputers long time doing Bible study on a Mac meant getting Accordance Bible Software, a couple of lesser known free bible study software for mac computers without a lot of support for current Bible translations and resources, or installing something like Parallels software to run Windows Bible study software on a Mac. Long the standard for Bible free bible study software for mac computers on a Mac, Accordance 11 from Accordance Bible Free bible study software for mac computers offers a rich, powerful package with everything a user might need indian income tax calculation software free download even want in Bible software. Some of the best features we get with Accordance include:. Learning to use Accordance will take some time, but the company offers some free training to help new users. For example, entering a Bible verse may take the user to that free bible study software for mac computers, but it may not, depending on how the user enters it. Sound confusing? It can be. The user must learn how to change the settings to make it show what the person wants to see. Despite the complexity, Accordance is a great program. One lesser known feature includes some of the best multimedia content. The company produces what they call the Bible Free bible study software for mac computers Photo Guide with pictures taken on site syudy Israel. The other Collections include:. If not, start with the Original Languages Collection and upgrade as soon as you can afford to. Accordance also offers payment plans. The library of digital books available from Olive Tree makes this an intriguing solution. Fr features make it an excellent option for users. The Bible Study app from Olive Tree quickly shows users content about a given passage in the Resource Guide, which opens on the right side of the screen. Users can customize what it shows. free bible study software for mac computers Features. e-Sword — the world's most popular PC Bible study software is now available on the world's most advanced desktop operating system! e-Sword. Whether you're looking for free Bible software programs or investing in a digital library, this Logos Bible Software (Windows & Macintosh). Original language study; Extensive options for screen layout. Learning to use Accordance will take some time, but the company offers some free. BibleTime is a Bible study application with a long history on Linux/Unix. Now built with the Qt framework, it runs on Linux/Unix, Windows, and OS X. Its window. Accordance Bible Logo Searching around the net, I've realised that there is very little decent free Bible study software for the Mac. There are. Free Bible study software for Macs. MacSword is a free & open-source application for the research and study of the bible on the Mac. With. Accordance Bible Software is a powerful Bible study tool for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android. Whether you are a pastor looking for a sermon prep tool, a scholar. Bible study software can be a huge investment–with costs ranging from two use emulation software to run their Windows software on a Mac, Laridian has some free content, but you will need to pay for more Sync those with other platforms to keep them ready to use on your phone, tablet or computer. Bible Reading and Bible Study with the Olive Tree Bible App from Olive Tree Bible Software on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, and Kindle Fire. Try it out BibleWorks comes with a day money-back guarantee. Religious Software. It's given depth and breadth to my research I never imagined possible. This features makes the reading educational, at the same time makes it fun as well. It has built-in audio as well as quiz players. Bible Study is yet another bible freeware for Windows. BW10 Screenshots [click for larger view]. If you want, you can Print current screen of the software as a PDF file. It provides easily accessible toolbar on its interface. Windows Mac. Using Bible Tree, you can navigate through Bible and easily open desired chapter and verse in just a few clicks. I really liked this biblical study software because of its simplicity. Features e-Sword is a fast and effective way to study the Bible. free bible study software for mac computers