if god was a banker pdf free download

if god was a banker pdf free download

After spending two decades working his way up the ladder of power in the amazingly exciting and adrenaline-pumping world of global banks in India. Then you can download free pdf ebook from the link. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version.

Ravi Subramanian. Banker Author. Will eat out. Was planning to watch a movie at the dome with the kids. Will only be back by six. Just wanted to check if that's fine with you. You would anyway be back only after that. It's perfectly fine. I would also have come, had it not been for I have stopped expecting you to do these things. Be back by dinner time. See ya. Natasha hung up before Sundeep could say anything farther.

It was a quarter to eight in the morning, too early for an induction programme for new recruits, which was to start only at half past nine. The bank offices had not even been opened. A towering security guard, rifle in hand, refused to let him in.

The guard insisted that the gates could only be opened after an authorised personnel came in. And corporate bankers were not known to be ones who came on time. They normally stumbled in well past the official bank reporting time of 9. Sundeep tried out his best powers of persuasion on the guard, but to no avail. So he decided to make himself comfortable on the bench just outside the building.

The bench had been put there for the guards to sit for a while when they came off their duty. No more than three people could squeeze into it. He cursed himself for having come so early and turned towards the wooden bench. Sitting on the bench was a young man, roughly the same age as Sundeep. Wearing an oversized coat, he was deeply engrossed in reading a copy of the Economic Times.

He had plonked himself right in the middle of the bench, leaving no space on either side for anyone to sit. It was only then that Sundeep noticed the file in the man's hand. It had a letter that looked quite similar to the one Sundeep had got at the time of his appointment.

He quickly realised that the person sitting on the bench had also come to join NYB. He had, in fact, reached earlier than Sundeep. The vibhuti mark on his forehead, and his well-oiled and combed hair gave him away as someone from the south of the Deccan. Tam-Brahms were known to be highly intelligent, honest, and not so aggressive. My name is Sundeep Srivastava. Am joining NYB today as a management trainee. I can see from your letter that you have also come in to join today.

Have you been waiting here for too long? My name is Swaminathan. The tone was typically South Indian. Now Sundeep was sure that here was a southie. I do not know anyone here. I had no idea how long it would take to reach this place. So I left the hotel at 6. Didn't want to be late on day one. Passed out this year,' said Swaminathan. And you? Have lived my life there. Swaminathan didn't mind and smiled back. He was used to people commenting on his appearance when they met him for the first time.

Thus began a legendary partnership in NYB—the fast and aggressive Sundeep versus the mature and sensible Swami. Swami was also the eldest son in a family of modest means. He was barely two-years old when he lost his father.

His father, a clerk in the rural development ministry, had struggled to feed a family of four with his measly salary. With no savings, the small pension was just not enough, and the retirement benefits went into paying off the mortgage on their one-bedroom house in Mylapore, a middle-income locality in Chennai.

Bringing up Swami and his sister was not easy. Their mother struggled hard to put them through school. She would cook at various Brahmin households and marriages to raise money for their education.

Both the children never made her feel that what they had was not enough. Swami was an intelligent and hard working student who always topped his class. When he reached college, he was lucky to get a scholarship.

That was a big relief for his mother, because her earnings were just not enough to manage the expenses for both the children. Swami was quick to realise that his mother would not be able to manage the ever-increasing expenses, despite his scholarship. He got himself transferred to an evening college. This gave him an opportunity to work for a few hours during the day and supplement his family income. He started off by keeping accounts for Nalli's, a large chain of sari stores in Chennai. He would spend 9.

The salary that he earned from Nalli's was just enough to ensure a normal life for the three of them. Graduation completed, Swami was faced with a dilemma. Should he continue his studies, or should he give it all up and take up a full-time job to provide for his family. His mother made the decision easier. She insisted that he should study further. She had somehow managed for 19 years, with occasional support from Swami.

She didn't want to stumble at the final milestone. She knew that another two years and Swami would make it. She had great faith in Swami's commitment and intellect, and was hopeful of him getting a scholarship.

True to her expectations, Swami got into the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, the best management institute in the country. At the end of his first term there, when the scholarship list was announced, Swami's name was right on top. He won a full waiver of his tuition fees. When he broke the news to his mother, she couldn't hold back her tears. She wept continuously that whole day; if only Swami's father were around, how he would have swelled with pride. He had made it by the whisker.

He was sixth in the merit list at his institute and NYB was hiring only five. However, a batch mate of his, Sandeep Runwal, who was third on the merit list, decided to join his father's booming construction business, and opted out of campus placements. This piece of good luck made a huge difference to Swami's life.

Swami, who was sixth on the merit list, made it as a reserve candidate. It meant a lot to him. Once he got out of the institute, Swami had no money. While at IIM-A, he survived on scholarship, and his family survived on the money he had saved earlier.

His sister took tuitions and earned some money to supplement their mother's income. Life was not easy in those two years. But all along he knew that there was light at the end of the tunnel. All that was about to come true. Their lives were going to change on joining NYB. Swami had spent these two months doing odd jobs.

He saved enough to buy himself a good set of clothes. After all, he was joining a foreign bank. Foreign banks in those days were a designer's paradise.

Pinstripe suits, jackets and exotic ties were in vogue. The dress code prescribed in the appointment letter was 'business formals. He couldn't afford one. So he borrowed a jacket from a friend who was eighty pounds heavier than him. This time, the guard didn't stop them. Day one of the induction began with Aditya Rao addressing the gathering. Aditya had a reputation of being a tough boss. A banker with a reputation to protect. A person who was heavily focused on the task at hand, and for whom career was everything.

They had actually hired forty new recruits, but two of them didn't join NYB on the appointed day. All of them were ushered into a conference room that could barely accommodate twenty-five people. Aditya deliberately paused for a minute before he spoke his next line.

We are going to start a war. And in war, there is no family and there are no friends. In war, there is only the enemy and the mission. We cannot rest until we win,' he roared. Swaminathan was sitting in the first row, listening intently. He was overawed by the tone and the energy in the message. Sundeep was his usual overconfident self, sitting the farthest from the firing line.

While Aditya Rao continued elaborating his vision for the bank, Sundeep gently tapped the shoulder of the PYT pretty young thing sitting in a row ahead of him. Kalpana was her name. Sundeep had always flirted with her through the two years at campus, but that was something he did with many women.

She never took him seriously. But Sundeep was not the one to give up. Together we will build the best consumer bank in this country. Congratulations on joining me here. I hope each one of you handpicked guys has a wonderful career at New York International Bank.

Swaminathan, sitting in the first row, clapped till his hands got tired and he realised that he was the only one still clapping. The session broke for tea. Tea and biscuits were being served in the lobby outside the conference room. Swaminathan was completely overawed by the occasion. Aditya Rao's words kept ringing in his mind: 'In war, there is only the enemy and the mission. We cannot rest until we win.

Hadn't his life been a war all along? Survival was his mission, and he was close to achieving it. His hand went inside his coat pocket and out came a handkerchief, which wiped a tear that had sneaked out from the corner of his eye. While Sundeep was having tea during the break, a khaki-clad peon came and handed him a small chit. He opened it and was taken aback.

Was it good? Did it spell disaster? He had no clue. His heart started pounding faster. First day in office and the unit head sends out a note to meet him. He had no choice but to wait, wondering what was in store for him. Sundeep's journey back in time was abruptly disturbed by a knock on the cabin door. She had a tremendous faith in his leadership and business building capabilities. Michelle was the one who had, in fact, recommended Sundeep's name, when Chetan Bindra moved out to take over as the Global Head of Retail Banking.

It was not too difficult to swing the job for Sundeep as he had successfully delivered in roles across the globe. Not when you are at this level. I can't protect you even if I want to. You know that,' said Sundeep, in a voice that belied his own confidence in what he was saying. Why don't you understand someone is playing me? Anyway, a lot has been said on this. What's the verdict? Tedd wants to meet you today. By the way, I came to tell you that Tedd can only make it at 3.

The meeting at Just came to check if that suits you. Michelle left, leaving him alone in his cabin—just he and his thoughts. Please hold all calls till I tell you to put them through. I am not to be disturbed for the next two hours.

Kalpana, who was still sitting in front of Sundeep, could sense that something was wrong with him. He had not tried flirting with her in the past three hours. Though she would never accept it publicly, she quite liked Sundeep's attention. She turned around and looked at him a couple of times, but Sundeep didn't respond. He was lost in his own thoughts. Thoughts of what was in store for him in Aditya's room. The last few minutes of the day were spent in discussing logistics for the next day and the schedule for the next week.

It was a month-long training programme, with a week of classroom training, and three weeks of 'on the job' training, in which the new recruits would spend time at the branches of New York International Bank and observe how work gets done. At the end of one month, they were to reassemble, assess what they have learnt, and list out their preferred areas of work.

This would form the basis of their final assignments. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. BookShout Price:. Quantity: This book is available for bulk purchases only. Readers Also Liked Swami becomes the God of Banking in the end because of course honesty is all you ever need in a corporate banking sector.

There are three main women characters and the author had used special adjectives for all of them. Want to know a female character in the book? For any disappointing news the author has special emotion - "he dropped a bombshell" This guy should be in Taliban. Lastly, the choice of words.

That's when I lost it. But the agony continued throughout the book. This guy claims to be an alumni of IIM - Bangalore. View 2 comments. Oct 23, Sneha Nair rated it really liked it. Ok few things i am learning from such books IIM produces excellent writers 2. Over all a great peice for time pass reading, entertaining with all the essential masalas : yet the end Ok few things i am learning from such books Over all a great peice for time pass reading, entertaining with all the essential masalas : yet the ending is not as apt.

View 1 comment. Mar 31, Akhil Tiwari rated it did not like it. Let us understand one thing here: IIMs may produce great businessmen some? This book,alike Chetan's shitty crappy books that hook the reader,is what we exactly call 'the same old bollywood deadly-drama'. These are the scripts many aspiring 'directors' Slaves of fame? I'd suggest this book to my enemies. Go guys,give it a shot in order to torment your blessed soul.

Aug 25, Alekhya rated it did not like it. Wish there was an option of 'I hated it' or 'It's a total waste of time' A completely avoidable book. NO story, zero creativity, pathetic style of writing. It was mostly about a lusty guy making out than a sensible story! Worst book i ever read. Would advise everyone to stay away from this book. Oct 14, Geetika rated it did not like it.

There are too many corporate books talking about sexual relationships in an organization. I feel these books are sending a very wrong signal. However I feel the real problem of Corporate world or banking sec in particular is poor leadership and poor culture management. After a long time read a book called "Puppet on the Fast Track" which rightfully points the issue and real life dilemma of youngsters. If God was a banker is full of filth and nonsense and unfortunately that sells!

Read it is a rea There are too many corporate books talking about sexual relationships in an organization. Read it is a real life episode too. If such an Organization does exist, the seniors woke up only after the guy sexually exploited so many.!! Sep 08, Ashish Goel rated it liked it. It is good for the first time readers. While Sundeep is aggressive and ambitious, Swami is evenhanded and sensible.

The It is good for the first time readers. Their careers with the New York International Bank zoom meteorically but on different planes. Sundeep is ready for any compromise to promote, project and achieve his goals and Swami prefers to go slow and steady adhering to ethics of the profession without being overzealous. At the end, Aditya Rao, an elderly character who plays Godfather to these two protagonists extends his helping hand to Srivastava for his intrinsic talent and intelligence.

Jun 17, Pankaj Pandey rated it it was amazing. Awesome read. Story about two fresh grads starting their career and how their choices shapes their future.

One person is overly ambitious and selfish and thus goes on to achieve huge success at the cost of losing respect and heart for people. The other one is ambitious but ethical and honest. He is people's man. True to his character he stays in the vicinity of good people and achieves what one time seemed like a distant dreams.

This books is a reflection of how one person no matter how ambitiou Awesome read.

Open eBook Preview. Two young managers graduates, with nothing similar in family backgrounds and temperament, join New York international Bank on the same day and take entirely different routes to success. No reviews were found. Please log in to write a review if you've read this book. Login Join. Time to read. Retail Price:. BookShout Price:. Quantity: This book is available for bulk purchases only. Readers Also Liked Discussion Goodreads Reviews. If God Was If god was a banker pdf free download Banker. Reviews from Goodreads. Item if god was a banker pdf free download to cart. Ravi Subramanian. if god was a banker pdf free download you can download free book and read If God Was A Banker for free here. Do you want to search free download If God Was A Banker or free read online? Download the App · Facebook footer icon 0ba49efeadcfb19afb3ee1bab88bb04 Twitter footer icon. If God was a Banker [Subramanian, Ravi] on onoroff.biz *FREE* shipping have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. This item does not appear to have any files that can be experienced on Archive.​org. Please download files in this item to interact with them on. If God Was a Banker book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In If God Was A Banker, the story revolves around two manageme. Feb 11, - Description: Till it all changed one day when Ronald McCain, CEO Download the free PDF and epub version of The Incredible Banker by Ravi. ABOUT THIS BOOK. Two young managers graduates, with nothing similar in family backgrounds and temperament, join New York international Bank on the. Free Download pdf ebook | Pdf ebook | Kindle Ebook. In , his debut novel, If God Was a Banker, won the Golden Quill Readers' Choice Award. He won. Notable works, If God Was a Banker. Notable awards, Indiaplaza Golden Quill Book Award · Crossword Book Award. Website. onoroff.biz Ravi Subramanian. Ravi Subramanian is an Indian author. A banker by profession, he has written popular thrillers "The Hindu's Aman Sethi bags award for A Free Man". Complete Part II and, if applicable, Part. Open as PDF. Convierta sus archivos PDF. We'll suggest content based on your keywords. Caught in a world of lies and deception, Scott flees his life. Sistema Audio 5. Topics Mentioning This Author. Quash of an offence under Sections , , , , , , Resnick, D. Purchase Mechanics of Materials - 2nd Edition. See Prices. if god was a banker pdf free download