torch software free download for windows 7 the grave does not hold thee? So the kaniyan ch main bhij gayi punjabi song free download came out of the cave and said, " Protector of the world, your road lies that way, mine lies this way. I have no wish to share thy kingdom : I have no desire for empire. Ishq shava musk shava. Releasing myself, Raja, Kaniyan ch main bhij gayi punjabi song free download ran away : my footmarks are in the palace.">

kaniyan ch main bhij gayi punjabi song free download

kaniyan ch main bhij gayi punjabi song free download

Unknown June 19, at PM. Unknown June 20, at AM. Unknown May 17, at AM. Speed Records. Music Waves. While this was going on Raja Rasalu won the first stake, and took his arms back, and then he won the second stake and took his horse back.

On this Raja Sarkap said. Sardn dhardn han hdzidn, jehri Sarlcap hare so ho! O moulded pieces, favor me : a man is here! Heads and bodies are at stake : as Sarkap does so let it be! Eaja Rasalu answered. Dhal, we jpdsd dhalweh, ithe basantd lole!

Sardn dhardh te bdzidn! Jehri Allah, hare so ho! Heads and bodies are at stake! After this Raja Easalii began to win, and first Raja Sarkap lost his kingdom, then his wealth, and at last on the whole game he lost his head. Just then one of his slaves came up to congratulate him on the birth of a daughter. And Raja Rasalft left that place, and as he was journeying along he met some prisoners, who cried out to him.

Hor rdje murffhdMdn, tu rdjd shdKbuz! Bandi-hdndA de hand hhalds har! Other kings are wild-fowl, thou art a royal hawk! Unbind the chains of the chain-bound and live for ever'! There he had the Rani Kokilan placed in an underground palace, and said, " When the mango branch blossoms then will Rani Kokilan arrive at her full youth. Presently he shot a deer, and the deer as soon as it was wounded ran sevea paces away from him and fell down.

Your words have not come true. Two deer, called Hira and Nila, came to wbere- she was sitting, attracted by the scent of her hair, and stood, by her. Then Raja Rasalu determined to- try the- power of the attraction of Rani Kokilan's hair, and frightened the deer with, his bow. As soon as the deer Nil a heard the twang of the bow be ran for bis life, but the deer HliI was so attracted by the scent of Rani Kokilan's hair that be remained where he was..

Nan main Tchet ujdrid, nan main hhanni war Kyun tain puahh hatio i? Mtd M ziyun.? Main IM hiran Wn hdlejangal led, dhaular Idsdn chor. I have apt injured thy fields, nor have I broken thy hedge : Why hast thou cut my tail? I am but a deer of the thick jangal, I will bring a thief into thy palace. Saying this the deer Hira went off to his kinsmen, but they cast him out of their herd because he had no ears or tail.

After a while he broughtthe wholeherd into Raja Hodi's garden and destroyed it. As soon as Eaja Hodi heard of this destruction he sent in men to catch the deer, and they all ran away except the deer Hira, who remained hidden in the garden. When he heard this the Raja looked up and saw the Rani Kokilan, and the pair began to talk, meanwhile the deer Hira hid himself in a bush.

Said the Rdni. Mahldn heth pMrandid Bdjd ; shdhid phinh, Id chor? Raja wandering beneath the palace : art thou a true man or a thief? Art thou an enemy to my Raja? Atki Mall as a name seems to have an obvious referrence to Atak. For the purposes of this tale his residence was apparently Ohind on the Indus, opposite Atak. His date was probably A. Thomas suggests that he is Kidara of the Scythian Kushan coins.

Thieves wear dirty clothes, Raui ; true men clean : Nor am I the Raja's enemy, nor does an animal stand here : I came from afar after my quarry : I stand here of necessity. And then he said. Badaloh dhatMjhar-hadalt : Mn ghari sunidr? Nak talwdr dd pipld, hoth pdnd de Mr! Kis Bdjd di hetri? What king's daughter art thou? Leaving thee in the palace, where has the fool gone?

The Eani replied. Na main hadalon dhafMdn, Bdjd ; na ghari sunidr : Nah talwdr dd fifld ; lioth pdnd de Mr. Bdjd SarJeap di main betri : Bdjd Basdlu, di main ndr. Main nun dhaular chorhlce johl de Tcarikar gaid shihdr. Leaving me in the palace he has gone to hunt in the river-side swamps. And then she said. Kahdn tumhdri nagari, Bdjd? Jcyd tumhdrd ndon? What king's son art thou? What is thy name? Sindh is my city, Rani : Atak is my home. Said the Rani. Alidn ddhhdn pdlikidn ; cho cho paun andr : Aisd hoi na jamidn awe Bdjd de darhdr.

The green grapes are ripe: the pommegranate drips r None such as thou can have a footing in the Raja's house. Then said Raja Hodi to her, " Show me how to get to you. Main banjdrd Sindh dd, heahdn halt hapur : Jo saudd loren mangwdn, to sadhe le hazuo-. I am a pedlar of Sindh, I sell black camphor: Take into thy presence what merchandise thy heart dotb desire.

Then 'Rim KokiMn pointed out another flight of three steps, but the Raja said, when he saw the steps, " I am not a bird that I can fly. If you really want me, let down a rope for me to climb up. He found in the palace two cages, in one of which was a maind and in the other a parrot.

As soon as the parrot saw Raja Hodi Jie hid his head under his wing, and told the maind to do the same. Then she said to the parrot. Ajab tumdshd dehhid : Jean hhdive Bdjd di ddhh. HaJa easalu. I have seen a wondrous thing : a crow eating the Baja's grapes.

Sun, be tote ladle, Idd-hdware ; suno Jiamdri hat: Tithe na hasie, totid, jithe sdk na wir : Ajdb tumdshd dehhid, kuttd hhdwe Ithir. But the pa. Then the maind said again. Sun, be tote Iddle, Idd-bdware ; suno hamdn bat: Tithe na basie, totid, jithe ang na, sdli : Ajab tumdshd dehhid, hhotd hinke Rdjd de darbdr.

Listen, beloved parrot, loved best of all ; listen to my words : Stay not there, parrot, where is nor friend nor relative : I have seen a wondrous thing ; an ass braying in the Raja's palace. Then the parrot said to the maina again, "I have often told you to be quiet, but you pay no attention. This is what makes me angry and prevents me from being quiet. After a while Rani Kokilan got up some water in a pitcher and gave it to Eaja Hodi to drink.

The Eajl stopped two or three hours with Rani Kokilan and then began to enquire about going away again. So the Rani began to weep bitterly, and when the Raja saw her tears he said he would be back in four or five days, and he wiped away her tears with his own hands. Being very thirsty he lay down on the bank and drank water with his mouth like an animal, for he was afraid of washing the hdjal from his hands if he used them.

A dhohi was washing on the opposite bank, and seeing Raja Hodi drinking like a wild beast he said to his wife. Sun, n Dhohan Iddlt, Idd-bdwan, suno hamdri hdt. Pdroh did rdjput, na wis sang na sdth : Merion wdngan pdm pt gaid : ushe Tidthoh Ico hi hasd?

Listen, wife beloved, loved best of all: listen to my words. On the far side has come a prince : nor friend nor com- pany with him. He drinks water like a deer, what is the matter with his hands? RAJA easalt. Ike ndr parch anewdli sdri rat. Woh roti : is puiijhd Icdjal lidtlmk sdth. Listen, O beloved husband, loved best of all, listen to ray words : On the far side has come a prince, nor friend nor company with him : A woman pleased him all night.

She wept and he wiped the lampblack from her eyes with his hands. When the dhohan said this the dhohl gave her a great beating, and she began to weep bitterly. When Raja Hodi heard the sound oi her weeping he loosed the martingale of his horse and swam him across the river.

When he got across ha spoke angrily to the dhohl. I know thee for a washerwoman: I know thou hast been beaten : How is she passing the time, Dhohan, who is separated from her lover? Answered the dhohan. She is aiaking fair her arms, Rajaj wash thou thy hands. How many husbands has the swan, Eaja? Meanwhile Raja Rasalu had come home from hunting, and Rani Kokilaii said to him. NUe-ghorewdlid Sujd! Tarhash hharid moiidn! Idldiijan Itumxin! TTiumM ghord!

JJas jd, teri ndr lagdh lei hhain? Thy quiver full of pearls! Thy shield studded with diamonds and fastened by a muslin kerchief! Riding a prancing horse! Tell me am I thy wife or sister? Answered Raja Rasalii. Pdsd jithe ddar sat, Hani chhorih chdr. Bdgh lagdyd tere shauq ho, dru, amh, andr, Khdke mewd paltin, Bdni : hoih chhail mutidr. Main, Bdjd Basdlu, terd hinrd ; tu, Kohildii, men ndr. Is gun rakhi nd-gunih : oho paahhdni sdr. I won the stake with care, leaving four Ranis behind. Thou hast fattened on the fruit.

Rani : thou art fair and well- liking. I, Raja Rasalu, am thy bridegroom : thou, Kokilan, art mywife. For this reason I kept thee unread : thus I know thy character. And seeing that the brim of the well was broken in, and that there were humanfootprints about, he said to Rani Kokilan. Kin merd Icator gerid, Bdni? GJiarioa pdni Tcin Via? Mahl merd leaun torid? Sej meri haun letid? Who has taken out the water in pitehers?

Who has broken into my palace? Who has lain on my bed? The Rani answered. Main ne Tchuh gerid; main ne hJiani nisdr; Gharinn pdni main lid ; main ne silti, hhanglidr. Chhorwdhar Sdjd, main ndi: mahldn pid dhaskdr. Sul men di sej letid : dhilli jpdA niwdr. I broke down the well! I destroyed the platform!

I took ont the water in pitchers! I threw down the stones! The maind loosened my hair and the parrot broke my necklace. Releasing myself, Raja, I ran away : my footmarks are in the palace.

My enemy lay on the bed and loosened the niwdr. When the Rani Kokilan said this the Raja beat the parrot, and the maind said to the parrot, " It is well that the Raja has beaten you, because you prevent- ed me from telling him in the beginningthe evil deeds ofthe Rani.

If anything happens within the next two or three months I shall be found hunting in the Kashmir mountains," and then the Raja went away to the river-side swamps. After two or three days, Raja Hodi came to the palace, and dismounting from his horse went to see Raui Kokilan, and the pair laughed together for joy. Mera tere naal hove je viah Main devaan kaniyan de kaalje macha x4 Rang sanwle te fabbe nabi suit ve Jatti Bata wale payi fire boot ve x3 Jadon akhan moore hove yaar sajra Fer dharti te dikhda Khuda..

Mera tere naal hove je viah Main devaan kaniyan de kaalje macha x3 Channa dol dene daru de drum ve Pauna bhangra karoni dhan dhan ve x2 Kadon tukna parona vehde bapu de Ho firan puchdi jalebiyan de bhaa.. Mera tere naal hove je viah Main devaan kaniyan de kaalje macha x3 Ve tera radio te geet jadon aunda ve Ho dil tattri da gidha odon paunda ve Tera radio te geet jadon aunda ve Dil tattri da gidha odon paunda ve Mera Veet Baljit jeon jogeya Ve tere geetan jeha ho gya subah x2 Mera tere naal hove je viah Main devaan kaniyan de kaalje macha x3.

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