marketing project report for mba pdf free download

marketing project report for mba pdf free download

Sales Promotion and Customer Awareness of the Services. Customer Evaluation of Tata Indicom Services. Total Polymer Consumption of Home Appliances.

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So please only refer these projects and not copy them totally. Hope you do well for the Viva and final exam. Mvas report SEO Marketing. Marketing Research.. Login Id. Management Paradise. About Us. In addition, permits for Greenfield refineries are hard to obtain in these countries due to environmental concerns. Therefore, capacity addition is primarily coming from emerging economies like India, China and some Middle Eastern countries.

The Government of India has been providing tax incentives and fiscal incentives to new refineries. The demand today is also from these process industries being set up but the size of the plants have increased and are at times comparable, or larger than global capacities. Today in India there are a few companies who have made a mark in the export arena due to their manufacturing skills and quality.

Today the manufacturing facilities are equipped with modern machinery and are producing very sophisticated equipment such as high pressure heat 31 exchangers, spiral heat exchangers, multiwall vessels, airfin coolers, multitubular reactors etc. Out of the remaining 53 percent companies who have or followed a strategy to enhance their market share, the majority felt that the top most priority in enhancing market share was by achieving high quality and service.

The second priority they felt was aggressive marketing. Third was to reduce costs and lastly they felt increasing the product range may help them to increase their market share. Competitive pressures in the global manufacturing environment are forcing manufacturing organizations to re-engineer in order to become more competitive in the marketplace. Toward that end, management of these organizations is paying closer attention to the changing nature of 32 manufacturing performance, and the systems, processes and measures used in its evaluation.

Competitor Analysis Adapted from Michael E. Porter, Competitive Strategy, , p. In formulating business strategy, managers must consider the strategies of the firm's competitors. While in highly fragmented commodity industries the moves of any single competitor may be less important, in concentrated industries competitor analysis becomes a vital part of strategic planning. Competitor analysis has two primary activities, 1 obtaining information about important competitors, and 2 using that information to predict competitor behaviour.

Casual knowledge about competitors usually is insufficient in competitor analysis. Rather, competitors should be analyzed systematically; using organized competitor intelligence-gathering to compile a wide array of information so that well informed strategy decisions can be made.

Michael Porter presented a framework for analyzing competitors. It also describes the motivation, scope and limitations of the study along with the objective of the study. In turn, Engineering Industry is also showing continuous upward trend in growth for last couple of years by catering the need of expansions and new projects of these sectors. This clearly indicates that a study is required for an untouched manufacturing sector of process plant equipments in India from global recession.

How this opportunity can be encased by correct product mix, diversification, and new product development. What are the areas of improvement to cater industry demand. To identify business opportunities in various business sectors for process plant equipments 36 2.

To understand organization buying behavior 3. Marketing Strategies to be adopted for heavy engineering company 4. Importance of detailed competitive analysis to develop future business plan 5.

Importance of Correct product mix and New Product Development in process plant equipment industry 6. H3: Heat Exchangers are better than Pressure Vessels in terms of profitability. The nature of research is exploratory based on sample that provides insight understanding and problem setting. It involves approaches such as informal discussion with HDOL officials in the initial stage.

The research was also descriptive research i. The research will be a quantitative analytical research which will be descriptive in nature. Other business sectors are also contributing in growth, but their contribution is very less, hence, not covered.

In the present case, we have selected Competitors as well as Business Sectors based on their revenue among the groups. The company showing the highest revenue in their respective field is taken. The secondary data was gathered through books, journals, articles, web-sites of Ministry of Petroleum, BSE, NSE and various companies website of different business sectors.

Mainly MS Office Excel Package would to use to carry out the hypothesis testing and descriptive statistics. The analysis will include the performance of the sample companies for last five years. The analysis will include both technical and fundamental analysis, which includes comparison of annual results of companies from different business sectors for selection of companies.

We have also done simple competitive analysis of competitors. Indian companies are expanding refinery capacity and putting up green-field refinery projects. Global oil majors are seriously evaluating investments in India. India has ambitions to become the hub for petroleum products exports. Demand for petroleum products in the Asia Pacific region is estimated to be 41 around 25 to 27 million barrels per day 1. However, the refining capacity in the Asia Pacific region is expected to increase from the current The export potential coupled with the additional capacity additions and new refineries provide a unique opportunity for potential investors.

The opportunity exists in the form of investment in capacity additions to the existing refineries and forming consortium with private and NOCs to set up new refineries. The sector received a major boost in , when the massive Mumbai High fields were discovered off India's west coast. Even after three decades, these fields continue to be the mainstay of India's indigenous production. Realizing that these fields would gradually deplete over time and no major discoveries were being brought into production, the Government introduced the NELP, with an aim of encouraging private sector participation in the oil and gas sector.

A number of foreign players such as Cairn, BHP Billiton etc have also participated in the bidding rounds, forming consortiums with domestic and other foreign players.

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