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08,  · e first time Montag mentions Faber, it is very brief. He does not say who Faber is or what happened during e encounter at made it so memorable. What a strange meeting . As Montag recalls meeting Faber in a park e year before, he remembers Faber saying ese words. is excerpt immediately differentiates Faber from o er characters, similar to Montag’s feelings about Clarisse. Like Clarisse, Faber inks of e why behind ings instead of just e how. . Montag suggests printing more books as a way to change e world. Faber rejects e idea and jokes about printing books to plant in firemen's homes. Montag takes him seriously until Faber sets him straight. Montag suggests o er solutions, but Faber says ey aren't enough: e . Montag hides several of e remaining books in some bushes in his backyard and en goes off to work. He carries wi him a substitute book to give Beatty in place of e Bible at he left wi Faber. Montag dreads e meeting wi Beatty, even ough Faber promises to be wi him via e two-way radio implanted in Montag's ear. Montag holds onto Fabers phone number after eir first meeting.Faber gives Montag his number in case. Montag ides to be angry wi him. Montag calls Faber after what has happened? Montag has brought out his hidden books. Allusion. Montag's destruction of Beatty ultimately results in his escape from e city and his meeting wi Granger. All of ese actions lead to a rebir of a new and vital life. Montag's new life is filled wi hope and e promise of a new era of humanism, depicted in e words at Montag recalls from e Bible: To every ing ere is a season. First of all, Faber influences Montag rough his intellectual knowledge and background. When Montag ides at he wants to better understand books and eir content, for instance, Faber is e. He lacked e courage to protest e Revolution when it first occurred and has blamed himself ever since. Seemingly somewhat of a timid man, Faber trusts Montag and is resolved to sacrifice himself for Montag's life, seeing in e fireman e potential for leveraging a revolution. A learned and erudite man, Faber has little interest in modern. Montag recalls meeting Faber in a park. He believes at e old man had a book of poetry on him and was even quoting poetry (he spoke wi a cadence ). He gave Montag his contact information in case he wanted to turn him. Montag calls Faber during his personal crisis to ask how many copies of e Bible exist in e world. Why did Montag take whiskey, a suitcase, and some of Faber's dirty clo es wi him? To get rid of his scent, and send mechanical hound on a wild chase. 7. What did e railroad tracks mean to Montag? Freedom: feels like he is transforming, and is free to be who ever he wants. 8. What was different about e fire Montag saw after leaving e river? What does Montag do on his way to Fabers? he plants books in Mr. Black's house. Where does Faber tell Montag to go? to e river and follow e railroad tracks. Faber tells Montag about a group of people Montag might meet. Who are ey? well-educated hobos. When and where will Faber go? Montag in Fahrenheit 451 by: Ray Bradbury shows how he acted before he changed, after meeting Clarisse, and after meeting Faber. Most people, wi out influence of o er people, stay e way ey already are. Guy, before he was influenced by Clarisse, acted as everyone else did in his futuristic society. It was a pleasure to burn. Get free homework help on Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451: book sum y, chapter sum y and analysis, quotes, essays, and character analysis courtesy of CliffsNotes. In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, you journey to e 24 century to an overpopulated world in which e media controls e masses, censorship prevails over intellect, and books are considered evil because ey make people question. What do Montag and Faber devise a plan for during eir first meeting? Montag asks for help wi Beatty at night, and Faber gives him a two-way radio he has created at will fit in Montag's ear. at way e professor can hear what Beatty has to say and also prompt Montag. A few days after her first meeting wi Montag, she disappears wi out any explanation. Mildred tells Montag (and Captain Beatty confirms) at Clarisse was hit by a speeding car and at her family moved away following her dea. In e afterword of a later edition, Bradbury notes at e film adaptation changed e ending so at Clarisse. Montag's first encounter wi Faber occurs a year prior to e events in e el. He recalls e meeting in e park. At first, Faber is scared because Montag is a fireman. Montag initially encountered Faber in a park before e events of e el. Montag recalls e incident, which began wi Faber hiding some ing suspicious in his coat pocket. When Montag approached him, Faber reacted wi fear, but eventually grew courageous enough to . 28, 20  · First, be Faber sees some ing in Montag at makes him ink at Montag can be on his side sometime. He might ink at having Montag as a . Montag’s answer to Clarisse’s question was yes when she first asked him but when he started to ink about it more about it he wasn’t happy. 11. e event at occurs at night which provides Montag wi an impression of e state of society is when he finds his wife lying on e bed because she had for gotten at she already had taken. Montag remembers a retired English professor he met in e park a year ago. e man, Faber, was fearful of Montag at first, but after Montag assured Faber at he was safe and e two of talked for a while, Faber felt secure enough to recite poetry. e man made an impression on Montag—he was less interested in ings an in e meaning of ings. At e end of eir talk, Faber gave Montag. In Fahrenheit 451 did Montag take a book before or after meeting up wi Faber? e first time he meets Faber he steals a book. He already had loads of em when he stole e biblie from e lady. Montag suffers an identity crisis, feeling at his body has divided in two halves. At e firehouse, e Mechanical Hound seems to reaten Montag. Captain Beatty tells him is is impossible. He remembers meeting Faber in e park one day and ides e old man will do just fine. Montag calls Faber, but e man is reluctant to talk over. e first time Faber and Montag meet, ey're bo at e park. Faber expresses fear and Montag tells him at he hasn't accused him of any ing. Faber quickly hides some ing in his jacket. While. One fireman, Guy Montag, remembers a time before book burning and tries to right. horrible metropolis of zombies. An important part of e el Fahrenheit 451 is e. meetings between Montag and Clarisse. e meetings between Montag and Clarisse begins a series of events and changes. in Montag's way of inking and lifestyle. 30, 2009 · After is meeting, Montag has become a deeper soul. He returns home to find two of his wife's friends ere. eir superficiality upsets him and he begins to read from a book of poetry. 0. Donna. Lv 4. 5 years ago. 3. Montag and Mildred did not start out different at e beginning of e book. ey bo obeyed society's laws- Montag, working. fabers house. what happens to Montag as he crosses e highway. he almost gets hit by a car. what does Montag do at e blacks house. places replicas of e books and calls in an alarm. e first person Montag met at e hobo camp. how does he help Montag . A sum y of Part X (Section) in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. Learn exactly what happened in is chapter, scene, or section of Fahrenheit 451 and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Montag first meets Farber in e a park, where he is intrigued by e man simply sitting alone. ere he learns about his love for books. e legend of e Phoenix is about a A bird at dies inflamed and rises from e ashes Montag hold onto Fabers phone number after eir first meeting.Faber gives Montag his number in case Montag ides to be angry wi him. Faber is e second of Montag’s ree mentors and teaches him one important lesson: it’s not about e books. Books reflect life, he explains, or at least e good ones do.He’s fairly adamant about his philosophy – he calls Montag a fool and will hear no ing in e way of opposition. Montag doesn't move right away, and e doors of e subway open and en start to close. He jumps out at e last minute and runs rough e tunnels. e next scene is at Farber's house. Faber and Montag's plan is to start reprinting books and plant em in e homes of firemen, a profession related to burning books. ey do is because ey want to discredit e fireman. Montag’s fai in his profession and his society begins to line almost immediately after e el’s opening passage. Faced wi e enormity and complexity of books for e first time, he is often confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed. As a result, he has difficulty iding what to do independently of Beatty, Mildred, or Faber. 28,  · Montag stops at e Black's home to plant books. setting Black up for e same ing he'd repeatedly done to o ers. Mrs. Black, are you asleep in ere? he ought. is isn't good, but your husband did it to o ers and never asked and never wondered and never worried. Named after a famous publisher, Faber competes wi Beatty in e struggle for Montag’s mind. His control over Montag not be as complete and menacing as Beatty’s, but he does manipulate Montag via his two-way radio to accomplish e ings his codice has prevented him from doing himself, acting as e brain directing Montag’s body. 12,  · Page numbers eighty ree rew eighty seven. Faber doesn't want to talk about his idea because priting books could get em killed or arrested. Faber teaches Montag to read, and describes eir relationship as at of a queen bee to a drone . He uses e radio device he's given Montag to verbally instruct him on what to do and say around Beatty and e o er men. In a way, he's like a puppet. Hope is helped! Source(s) Fahrenheit 451. Montag gets on e subway, heading for Faber's apartment. On e way, he realizes how numb to e world he has become and wonders if he'll ever regain his sense of purpose. He recalls e frustration he felt as a child when he attempted e impossible task of filling a sieve wi sand. Montag and Faber share a love for books, as well as a desire to fight against eir oppressive society. Faber is an intellectual, he can be seen as Montag's mentor. even his teacher. Over time, e two become a team. Source(s) Fahrenheit 451. Montag placed his hand on e woman's elbow. 'You can come wi me' (Bradbury 39) is is a turning point for Montag, in which he starts to care about everyone and eir feelings. e first time Montag and Clarisse meet, Clarisse shows at she is very curious by questioning every ing. Many of ese questions insult Montag or make him angry. How did he and Montag first meet? 451 hello? Asked by Eric B 609746 on 4/5/ 3:42 AM Last updated by Aslan on 4/6/ 1:53 AM Answers 1 Add Yours. Answered by Aslan on 4/6/ 1:53 AM Faber is an aging intellectual in a world wi no place for such people, Faber greatly disapproves of e dehumanized, oppressive society in which he lives. He recalls e day in e park when he first met Faber. Montag knows Faber is a retired English teacher and needs to confide in Faber and seek his help. Montag's home is e source of an alarm. He joins e o er firemen and heads for his house. He is not yet fleeing e scene in is section. Source(s). ey pull out eir rule books and show Montag e history of firemen in America which reads, 'Established, 1790, to burn English-influenced books in e Colonies. First Fireman: Benjamin Franklin. 28,  · Montag has plans to break away from society, but Faber helps him solidify ose plans. Faber also introduces Montag to o er people who are interested in literature and learning. I hope is information has helped. 0 0. edna. Lv 4. 4 years ago. Who Was Faber In Fahrenheit 451. Clarisse has come to influence Montag rough her questions, her admiration of nature and her dea. Clarisse influenced Montag enough to get him to begin having feelings. Al ough Clarisse influenced Montag to begin feeling emotions, e fire on Elm Street was a big influence for Montag. Secondly, e fire at 11 Elm Street greatly influenced.

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