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national building code of india 2005 pdf free download full

national building code of india 2005 pdf free download full

Quality systems approach and certification thereunder covering the various dimensions brought out above may go a long way in achieving the above goal of real integrated approach. Appropriate multi-disciplinary teams need to be 2. This includes free different stages.

Each team may comprise need based holders, leaseholders or those holding a sub-lease professionals out of the following depending upon the which both bestows a legal right to occupation and nature, magnitude and complexity of the project: gives rise to liabilities in respect of safety or building a Architect, condition. During data and voice communication; other utility services maintenance and repairs, the jobs requiring inter- installations; landscape planning and design; urban disciplinary co-ordination have to be executed in such planning; etc need to be kept in view right at the a manner as not only to cause least inconvenience to concept stage.

The project requiring such multi- the user but also to ensure that there is no mismatch or disciplinary inputs need a co-ordinated approach damage to the structure, finishings, fittings and fixtures. Here, it is Special repairs, rehabilitation and retrofitting are desirable that the multi-disciplinary integration is specialized jobs which demand knowledge of the initiated right from the concept stage.

Association of finalize the plan. The composition of the team shall concerne specialists may be helpful for these works. The Operation and Maintenance Team may also be Design is an evolutionary and participatory process, known as Asset Management or Estate Management where participation of owner constitutes a very Team.

The objective of project management or construction b Site investigationhrvey. However, for smaller 3 Interacticm with each other and with the projects these teams may be combined.

The teams shall owner. The team shall be responsible to achieve satisfactory completion h Preparation of preliminary cost estimates for of the project with regard to cost, time and quality. P Conservation of heritage structures and areas. However, some common definitions are foundations, such as, raft, pile and other foundation reproduced in this Part also.

It covers the development control rules and general It covers the use of bamboo for constructional purposes building requirements for proper planning and design in structures or elements of the structure, ensuring at the layout and building level to ensure health safety, quality and effectiveness of design and construction public safety and desired quality of life.

The Code specifies planning and procurement, storage, precautions and design construction features and fire protection features for limitations on bamboo. This, however, also alternative building materials and components. It also covers guidelines regarding earthquake resistance of This Part through its seven sections provides for low strength masonry buildings. It covers the general structural use of plain and reinforced concrete. It covers basic design loads to be assumed in the design A The live loads, wind loads, seismic loads, It covers the general structural use of prestressed snow loads and other loads, which are specified therein, concrete.

It covers both work carried out on site and are minimum working loads which should be taken the manufacture of precast prestressed concrete into consideration for purposes of design. It covers recommendations regarding modular A It also covers guidelines relating to A The objective can be best It covers the basic requirements of water supply for achieved through proper coordination and working by residential, business and other types of buildings, the project management and construction management including traffic terminal stations.

This Section also teams. It also includes the provisions on solid A It covers the essential requirements for electrical and A This It covers the requirements regarding the safety of persons Section also includes general requirements relating to and property for all piping uses and for all types of gases lightning protection of buildings. Each Part or Section of the National Building Code gives the definitions of the special terms used in it. However, users may find this part very convenient for reference as it gives the alphabetically arranged list of terms defined in all the parts along with the location of the deilnition.

The Authority Having Jurisdiction — Part 2, Part 3, terms have been arranged in their alphabetical order. Architectural features serving no other function Bored Cast in-situ Pile — Part 61Section 2 except that of decoration shall be excluded for the purpose of measuring heights.

It includes the lines prescribed, if any, in any scheme. Section 3B. Invert — Part 9K3ection 1. A need for codifying and unifying administrative provisions in different development control rules and building byelaws had been felt, particularly in regard to the applicability of the Code, desirable qualifications for the enforcing Authority and the representative of the owner and responsibilities and duties of the Authority and the owner.

It is expected that the town and country planning department will co-ordinate the administrative provisions of this Part and the same given in the State Town and Country Planning Acts. The Commission can assist the civic authorities in reviewing plans for development from the stand point of assuring good taste and regard for often threatened natural beauties. The Commission can serve as a means whereby by the government and public bodies and individuals could get advice on artistic questions in connection with building schemes.

The first version of this Part was brought out in , which was subsequently revised in As a result of implementing version of this Part in rewriting building byelaws and development control rules of some municipal corporations and municipalities, some useful suggestions were emerged. These were incorporated in the first revision to the extent possible. The significant changes in version of this Part included the new administrative provisions related to development control rules, additional information to be fumishedlindicated in the building plan for multi-storeyed and special buildings and modified provisions regarding submission of building plans by Government Departments to the Authority.

In this second revision, number of modifications have been incorporated based on the experience gained over the years specially in view of different techno-administrative and techno-legal regime encountered in various situations faced.

Specially the provisions of this Part have been thoroughly reviewed in the context of the natural calamities faced by the country, such as the devastating eafihquake in Gujarat in the year , and provisions have been accordingly modified to further ensure structural adequacy of the buildings. In this context, structural design of buildings in accordance with the provisions of the Code and construction and supervision thereof by competent professionals to ensure structural safety have been given due importance in this revision.

SECTION 1 GENERAL of last livable floor of the building adjacent to the external walls; and in the case of pitched roofs, up to 1 SCOPE the point where the external surface of the outer wall This Part covers the administrative aspects of the Code, intersects the finished surface of the sloping roof, and such as applicability of the Code, organization of in the case of gables facing the road, the midpoint building department for enforcement of the Code, between the eaves level and the ridge.

Architectural procedure for obtaining development and building features serving no other function except that of permits, and responsibility of the owner.

The building line may change from time-to-time as decided by the Authority. An owner living in or otherwise using his own building shall be deemed to be the occupier thereof. This includes free a thoroughfare or not, over which the public have a holders, leaseholders or those holding a sub-lease right of passage or access or have passed and had access which both bestows a legal right to occupation and uninterruptedly for a specified period, whether existing gives rise to liabilities in respect of safety or building or proposed in any scheme and includes all bunds, condition.

Architect, Urban Designer — A qualified architect, : engineer, structural engineer, supervisor, town 2. The registration requirements of these professionals shall be as given above the plinth level have been pulled down, in Annex A. NOTES 2. Where a finished ceiling is not provided, the to all buildings described in 3.

Code, the Authority shall determine the test procedure. For methods of test for buildlng materials, reference 3. Nothing in the Code shall require the removal, 5. The team shall comprise officials drawn neuter, the singular number includes the plural and the from concerned disciplines such as engineer, architect, plural includes the singular.

NOTE — Metro cities are cities with population more than These tests shall plans and carrying out inspection of buildlngs shall be made by an approved agency at the expense of the not in any case be less than those prescribed in owner. Annex A. If resources to appoint such officials with the above.

Pasting of such a notice shall be equipment and the location, use, occupancy and considered sufficient notification of cancellation to the maintenance of all buildings except as may otherwise owner thereof. No further work shall be undertaken or be specifically provided. If the owner, in 7. The application. Such person shall discontinue the use within 10 days after The conviction of any person for an offence under the receipt of such notice or make the building or portion provision of 9.

The Board shall adopt reasonable rules and requirements or obligations shall not operate as a bar regulations for conducting its investigations and shall to further prosecution under this part for any render all decisions and findings in writing to the team subsequent failure on the part of such person to comply. No permits shall, however, be 9. Also, if so directed. The Authority should also progressively bodies with the concept of single window clearance computerize the approval process.

The Committee may meet once in days depending upon the work load. Government may, if it is of opinion that the However, the plans shall be required to be submitted operation, maintenance, development of to the Authority for information and record.

If any developmentiuilding, permit for which had been issued before the commencement of the Code, is The minimum dimension of the key plan pian, building plan, services plans, specifications shall be not less than 75 mm.

The site plan sent with an application for permit shall Table 2 Colouring of Plans Clause NOTES 1 For entirely new construction this need not be done; for extension of an existing work this shrdl apply. Stage 1 shall be submitted. A guide for g Painting; the equivalent technical qualifications and professional h Re-tiling and reproofing; experience required for such registration with the Plastering and patch work; Authority is given in Annex A.

In case of building and j plumbing services, qualifications for engineers for k Re-flooring; and utility services shall be as given in A NOTE — The fees may be charged as a consolidatedfee. In The permit shall be got revalidated before Fire Authority and the sanction through building permit the expiration of this period. Revalidation shall be shall be given by the Authority after the clearance from subject to the rules then in force.

The revised plan showing the of the Authority in writing by the person who has given deviations shall be submitted and the procedure laid notice and having not received any intimation from down for the original plan heretofore shall apply to all the Authority within MJeen days of giving such written such amended plans except that the time limit specified notice.

Subject to the conditions mentioned in this in The Authority shall as far as possible noncompliance thereof, and shall state the reasons for advise all the objections to the plans and specifications revoking the permit. The Authority shall At the e give written notice to the Authority intimating first inspection, the Authority shall determine to the completion of work up to plinth level; best of its ability that the building has been located submit the certificate for execution of work in accordance with the approved site plans.

The final f as per structural safety requirements see inspection of the completion of the work shall be Annex G ; and give written notice to the made within 21 days following the receipt of Authority regarding completion of work notification [see The deviations shall also be brought to the notice of the Authority with relevant 1 occupancy of the building or part thereof documents. The team of building officials or its duly after construction or alteration of that authorized representative shall then visit the site and building or part, or occupancy certificate shall be given in one instance.

However, The work by team of Authority involves imminent danger to human life or professionals may be outsourced by the Authority to health, the decision of the Authority shall be final. The competent professionals as maybe deemed necessary. Authority shall forthwith or with such notice as may The team shall ensure the compliance of byelaws, be possible promptly cause such building or portion natural lighting, ventilation, etc, besides structural and thereof to be rendered safe by retrofittingkengthening electrical safety.

After checking, the team shall be to the same degree of safety or removed. For this required to give the certificate for above aspects. The Authority may also get the adjacent six months. If not complied with, the building shall be structures vacated and protect the public by an declared unsafe. The period of inspection shall usually appropriate fence or such other means as may be be 3 to 5 years but in any case not more than 5 years.

Such costs shall by repairs or demolished or dealt with as otherwise be charged on the premises in respect of which or for directed by the Authority see The Authority shall examine or cause to be examined every building reported to be unsafe or damaged, and NOTE— The costs may be in the form of arrearsof taxes.

A permit to demolish a building shall not and occupier of such building written notices stating be issued until a release is obtained from the utilities the defects thereof. This notice shall require the owner stating that their respective service connections and or the occupier within a stated time either to complete appurtenant equipment, such as, meters and regulators specified repairs or improvements or to demolish and have been removed or sealed and plugged in a safe remove the building or portion thereof.

The Urban Arts Any invalid part of the Code shall be segregated Commission shall act as guardian of urban architecture; from the remainder of the Code by the court holding mainly with regard to building form and envelope, the such part invalid, and the remainder shall remain relationship between the building, and the ambient effective.

But for major public should be made. In addition, any development which may b The Commission after full discussion, may mar the general characteristics and environment of communicate their decision in writing to the historical, architectural or other monuments should also parties concerned. The Commission may be subject to the provisions of this clause. This clause recommend a change in the whole scheme or is intended to cover very few structures to come up in suggest modifications in the existing scheme, the vicinity of other declaredhistorically important if so required.

The scrutiny shall not deal with the routine which will beautify the city and add to its cultural building plan scrutiny from other requirements of vitality. Foreword and Clauses 2. The competence of such registered personnel c Issuing certificate of supervision and to carry out various activities is also indicated completion for all buildings; in A The minimum qualifications for an architect shall be A The minimum qualifications for a structural engineer shall be graduate in civil engineering of recognized A In case of in In case of metro-cities, this limit of land the Government of India plus 5 years experience in area shall be 2 hectares and above.

The registered supervisor shall be competent to carryout A Planners or graduate or post-graduate degree in town and countly planning. NOTE — For smatter areas below the limits indicatedabove, associationof urbandesignermaybe consideredfromthe point l. The registered town planner shall be competent to A The qualification for registered mechanical development permit for all areas.

I hereby give notice that I intend to develop, erect, re-erect or to make alteration in the building No Pti II, Clauses Key plan 2. Site plans 3. Sub-divisionllayout plan 4. Building plans 5. Services plans 6. Specifications, general and detailedz 7. Thle of ownership of landhttildlng 8. Certificates for structural sufficiency and supervision. I request that the developmenticonstrttction may be approved and permission accorded to me to execute the work.

Signature of Owner Name of the Owner II Stnke out whichever is not applicable. Clause With respect to the building work of erection, re-erection or for making alteration in the building No Registration No. With reference to your application Office Stamp Signature of the Authority Office Communication No. Name, Designation and Address of the Autiotity Name of Owner Address of Owner Any subsequent changes from the completion drawings shall be the responsibility of the owner.

The work has been completed to my best satisfaction, the workmanship and all the materials type and grade have been used strictly in accordance with general and detailed specifications.

No provisions of the Code, no requisitions made, conditions prescribed or orders issued thereunder have been transgressed in the course of the work. The land is fit for construction for which it has been developed or re-developed or the building is fit for use for which it has been erected, re-erected or altered, constructed and enlarged. Signature of the Owner. This Part covers development control rules, including such aspects as sub-division and layout rules, land use classifications, open spaces, area and height limitations, means of access, and parking spaces; this part also covers the general building requirements, such as the requirements of parts of buildings, provision of lifts, etc.

It is expected that for proper coordination and enforcement of the development control rules and general building requirements, the departments concerned, namely, the town planning department and the building department, will coordinate the total development and building activity at both organizational and technical levels.

Particular attention is invited to Table 3 on floor area ratio FAR limitations. It is emphasized that the floor area of a single storey building is limited in absolute terms by the type of construction and occupancy class.

Also, the absolute floor areas for different types of construction and different occupancies have a definite ratio among them. Limitation of areas and heights of buildings is achieved in this country by specifying it in terms of floor area ratio FAR or floor space index FSI. The significance of the contribution of different types of construction giving different fire resistances has not been taken cognizance of in specifying FAR for different occupancies, in the present development control rules and municipal byelaws of the country.

Table 3, therefore, gives the comparative ratios of FAR between types of buildings and occupancy classes and these have been specified mainly from the fire protection aspect of buildings. To arrive at the actual FAR for different buildings coming up in different areas, the Authority should further modify them, by taking into consideration other aspects like density of any area, parking facilities required, the traffic load road width and the services available.

The heights of buildings shall also be regulated, keeping in view the local fire fighting facilities.

However, the Committee responsible for preparation of this Code is of the opinion that, it being a ratio should be expressed only in the form of a ratio, as done in this Part. It is particularly to be borne in mind by the Authority that the ratios are definitive and it can assess the particular FAR for a type of construction and for an occupancy and establish a new table, but retaining the comparative ratios as given in Table 3.

The resources are meagre and the problems are enormous. There has been a tendency on the part of a number of development agenciesflocal bodies to link space norms with affordability. Affordability is an important criterion but at the same time a public agency cannot ignore the basic minimum needs of the family to be housed including the mental, physical and social health of the marginalized groups, which is linked with shelter.

Therefore, keeping in view the needs of low income housing, to cater to Economically Weaker Sections of Society EWS and Low Income Group LIG , the requirements on planning, design of layouthhelter have been rationalized and the same are provided in this Part. This will contribute significantly in the massive housing programmed undertaken for the low income sector.

Further, city development process would need a dynamic approach to take care of urban renewal and also development needs in dense core areas of the cities.

Such development rights can be transferred into outskirts or new developed areas where land availability is assured. This would encourage the professionals and developers to participate in urban renewal and at the same time ensure that the developments in both the inner core areas and new areas take place in an orderly and efficient manner. The TDR concept should be increasingly encouraged by the authority dealing with urban renewal, re- development projects including housing and re-development projects for slum including dwellers.

Urbanization in India is taking place at a rapid pace. With 5 million population in cities at the time of independence, it has already crossed 28 million census. It is likely to be 50 million by The number of cities and towns have been expanding and there are cities and towns of various sizes. In the Indian practice cities over 50 lakhs population have been identified as mega-cities 6 in number and cities over 10 lakhs 29 in number population as metro-cities.

These 35 cities above 10 lakhs population is likely to be above 70 by The other cities are either small or medium towns or cities with different population limits.

Urbanization in each of above cities and towns mega-cities, metro-cities, small and medium towns and cities will be different in nature and the development challenges are also different keeping in view the extent of urbanization, industrialization, commercialization and the nature of transportation needs. Therefore, the Code provisions should be appropriately utilized depending upon the need of hierarchy of cities for which the administrative and technical requirements have been covered in the Code for various facets of the activity.

The first version of this Part was prepared in As a result of incorporation of this Part in the revised development control rules and building byelaws of some municipal corporations and municipalities, some useful suggestions had emerged. First revision of this part was brought out in. The major modifications incorporated in the first revision included:. The term Development Control Rules used in this Part encompasses the related aspects comprehensively with a view to promoting orderly development of an area.

This second revision is being brought out to incorporate the modifications found necessary in light of the experience gained with the use of this Part. In these revised provisions, single room dwelling has been discouraged, guidelines for water seal latrine have also been incorporated, and cluster planning approach has been recommended.

Tents, 2. Architectural 2. The area covered by the following in the open spaces is excluded 2. In b Drainage culvert, conduit, catch-pit, gully pit, ground and one storeyed structures not more than 20 chamber, gutter and the like; houses should be grouped in a cluster.

Clusters with c Compound wall, gate, unstoreyed porch and more dwelling units will create problems in identity, portico, canopy, slide, swing, uncovered encroachments and of maintenance. Plot area NOTE — Where such densities are expressed exclusive of communityfacilities and provision of open spaces and major 2. Wherethesedensitiesare expressedtaking into consideration the required open space provision and providing extra floor area, additional seating community facilities and major roads, these would be gross accommodation, etc.

It shall also include the structures residential densities at neighborhood level, sector level or provided for seating in stadia. The provisionof open spaces and community facilities will depend on the size of the 2. Each dwelling unit around the water borne wastes in a building drainage system. Dwelling units in such clusters should have at least two sides open to external open space.

Houses in an NOTE — The open space shall be the minimum distance interlocking cluster can have access, ventilation and measuredbetweenthe front, rear and side of the building and the respectiveplot boundaries. This includes free buildings, with only front, rear and interior open spaces holders, leaseholders or those holding a sub-lease where applicable.

Where a finished ceiling is not provided, the 2. The term is used sometimes to designate the room or compartment in 2. S1 No. Where the use of a site is specifically designated on No buildings shall be erected so as to deprive any other the Development Plan, it shall be used only for the building of the means of access.

Plots which do not abut on a streethoad other than the uses identified in 3. Table 1 Width and Length of Means of Access 4. The portion of such roads on which be 3 m subject to provisions of 9. The pedestrian direct access may be permitted shall be as identified in pathway shall not serve more than 8 plots on each side the Development Plan. However, in the case of existing. These provisions shall, however, be subject to the 4. The length of the subsidiary accessway shall be measured from the 4.

The following minimum provision shall not less than 12 m in width; be made: b The approach to the building and open spaces a 15 percent of the area of the layout, or on all its sides up to 6 m width and the layout b 0.

The entrance gate shall fold back against the average width. However, depending on the the compound wall of the premises, thus configuration of the site, commonly open spaces of leaving the exterior accessway within the plot different shapes may be permitted by the Authority, as free for movement of fire service vehicle. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses.

EMBED for wordpress. Want more? The comprehensive NBC contains 12 Parts some of which are further divided into Sections totalling 33 chapters see Annex 1. The salient features of the revised NBC see Annex 2 include, apart from other changes made, the changes specially in regard to further enhancing our response to meet the challenges posed by natural calamities. The major changes incorporated in this third revision of the Code are as follows:.

The Code has been published in two volumes containing all the Parts and Sections. Complete Code in Volume 1 and 2 Parts 0 to 12 — all sections included. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads.

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Follow Us on LinkedIn. Subscribe on YouTube. Follow Us on Instagram. The National Building Code of India National building code of india 2005 pdf free download fulla comprehensive building Code, is a national instrument providing guidelines for regulating the building construction activities across the country. It serves as a Model Code for adoption by all agencies involved in building construction works be they Public Works Departments, other government construction departments, local bodies or private construction agencies. The Code mainly contains administrative regulations, development control rules and general building requirements; fire safety requirements; stipulations regarding materials, structural design and construction including safety ; building and plumbing services; approach sql interview questions and answers for experienced pdf free download sustainability; and asset and facility management. The Code was first published in at the instance of Planning Commission and then first revised in Thereafter three major amendments were issued to the version, two in and the third in The second revision of the Code was into which two amendments were issued in As a culmination of the Project, the revised Code has been brought out national building code of india 2005 pdf free download full as National Building Code of National building code of india 2005 pdf free download full reflecting the state-of-the-art and contemporary applicable international practices. The comprehensive NBC contains 12 Parts some of which are further divided into Sections totalling 33 chapters see Annex 1. The salient features of the revised NBC see Annex 2 include, apart from other changes made, the changes specially in regard to further enhancing our response to meet the challenges posed by natural calamities. The major changes incorporated in this third revision of the Code are as follows:. The Code has been published in two volumes containing all the Parts and Sections. Complete Code in Volume 1 and 2 Parts 0 to national building code of india 2005 pdf free download full — all sections included. Section 6 Information and Communication Enabled Installations. National Building Code. The Publication Price Rs. Complete Code in Volume 1 and 2 Parts 0 to 12 — all sections included 13, Open toolbar. The Publication. Please click events organized for NBC. national building code of india 2005 pdf free download full Commission with the preparation of the National Building Code. For the convenience of the users, the National Building Code of India is available as a Free access from the street to fire hydrants/. National Building Code - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File of the Code was setup by the Civil Engineering Division Council of the Indian. J 6$ NATIONAL BUILDINGCODE OF INDIA BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS Download Full PDF EBOOK here { }. Download Citation | National Building Code of India The building code for the nation | The revised edition of the National Building Code of India was published in This edition CVista PdfCompressor was used for pdf compression and textual OCR. no. Read more Recruit researchers · Join for free. Login. Text Resize. Zoom in Regular Zoom out. /; Ebook; /; Mobile View The National Building Code of India (NBC), a comprehensive building Code, is a was in , to which two amendments were issued in h) Provisions relating to all building and plumbing services have been updated keeping. “The National Building Code of India (NBC), a comprehensive building Code, is a national Where can I download the original laws/acts of India in PDF format? I don't think there would be huge changes in NBC , there are plenty of them available on net. How I can download a PDF for the ISO standards free? edition of Codes for Homeowners is current with most national codes in force for the period of national building code of india SP 7 (): NATIO. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world. Some of these permit free online access to building codes in non-printable or non-downloadable versions and all of the code agencies permit purchase of copies of the codes they maintain. Robert: How to find which building codes applied to your home in a specific year. Monster Rancher Advance 2. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. EMBED for wordpress. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. You may download in. Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker. December User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest. November 1. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them. national building code of india 2005 pdf free download full