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08,  · Hello. I am e delegate for my manager's outlook calendar. Is ere a way at my manager and me/delegate, bo of us get e meeting requests for him/his calendar, but if we set up a meeting in his calendar, only me/delegate gets e attendees responses (accept/ line), so at e responses do not go to his inbox? In Microsoft Outlook, a delegate receives multiple or duplicate meeting requests in eir Inbox. Cause. is issue occurs when ere are multiple hidden delegate rules in e Manager's mailbox, or when ere's a corrupted delegate rule. Resolution. To resolve is issue, follow ese steps: Close e Manager's and Delegate's Outlook clients. 21,  · Meeting request sent by e delegate as e meeting organizer Instead, if e delegate starts e new meeting request by first opening eir manager’s calendar and selecting a block of time, e meeting request will be on behalf of e manager, and will not go into e delegate’s calendar. Send or respond to meeting requests on behalf of ano er person. To give e delegate sufficient permissions to accept meeting requests for e manager, e manager must do e following: Click File Account Settings Delegate Access. Click Add, en type or select, e delegate. 26,  · When I check Delegate receives copies of meeting-related messages sent to me under a delegate permissions, it removes e Accept and line headers from all meeting-related messages at arrive in my inbox. Is is by design? I would not ink at having e delegate . 26,  · While you could create a rule to sort out e mess, e real solution lies in requesting your manager to modify e delegate permissions he/she has set up for you. By default, delegates are set to receive copies of meeting-related messages such as meeting requests and responses. It will take your manager only a few seconds to change it so at you won’t receive ese anymore. 24,  · Delegates should be used when a person will need to receive/process meeting requests on someone’s behalf. If you would just like to share your Outlook Calendar, Tasks, Inbox, Contacts, Notes, or Journal wi o er Office 365 users, you should use folder permissions instead of Delegates. When using Delegates, limit e number of editor/au or delegates to one or two people. Delegates are sharees who can view all information in and have write access to non-private events. ey also receive meeting requests and responses, and respond to meeting requests on behalf of e owner. Additionally, e owner can give explicit permissions to delegates to view e owner's private events on e calendar. 07,  · Just logon Outlook as e executive account, add e delegate and en grant e proper permission (it is recommended e Editor on Calendar folder). After doing is, e delegate will receive e meeting request sent to e executive, and can accept/deny e request for executive. e calendar folder of exective will be updated accordingly. e final step is to re-add any delegates to e mailbox at are still wanted. When is is complete only ose intended delegates will receive e meeting requests, and e deleted delegates should receive no more meeting requests, or in e case of e former staff member, no longer cause NDRs back to e meeting organizers. 14,  · Under Tracking, clear e Automatically process meeting requests and responses to meeting requests and polls check box, and en select OK. Restart Outlook. Repeat step 1, select e Automatically process meeting requests and responses to meeting requests and polls check box, and en select OK. On e File tab, select Account Settings. Select Delegate Access. Note e delegate names and permissions, and en remove e delegates. Exit Outlook. 29,  · › Delegates, Meeting Requests, and Rules Last reviewed on ust 29, 1 Comment A security update disabled e Run a script option in Outlook and 's rules wizard. Find answers to Duplicate meeting requests when delegate accepts meeting request. from e expert community at Experts Exchange Submit If you go to e delegates tab in Outlook 2007, change e setting to delegates and me, click apply, en OK. en, go back into e options, delegates tab - change it to my delegates only and click. Re: Configuring Delegate settings in Outlook ose options are tied in to e Delegate receives copies of meeting-related messages sent to me option found under e Permissions dialog. If none of e ree delegate account have been configured wi said option, e radio buttons will be grayed out, as e settings arent really in use in such. Click OK again to close e Delegates window. To change whe er a delegate gets meeting requests. In Outlook, click on File. Click on Account Settings Delegate Access. In e Delegates window, you can see how meeting requests are handled in general. e default is to have e delegate handle all e meeting requests, but e mailbox owner. Choose e meeting request response option: To not receive you're meeting requests at all and for em to be sent only to your delegate (s), choose My delegates only. For you and your delegate (s) to be able to approve or deny your meeting requests, choose My delegates and me. 08,  · e option Delegate receives a copy of meeting-related messages sent to me could be configured. But e Deliver meeting option could not be configured by PowerShell. In my testing, it seems e option is selected as My delegates only if only delegate receive e meeting request. 01,  · A user has one or more delegates assigned to eir mailbox. e delegates create new meeting requests, and include emselves as attendees. In is scenario, e meeting is automatically added to each delegate's calendar as accepted, and an accepted response is sent. Apr 24,  · When sending a meeting request on behalf of B and when A is included in e meeting, e meeting is automatically accepted on A's calendar wi out A's knowledge. is is by design and not a flaw because A is sending on behalf of. Technically, is means e meeting request is really from A so it automatically goes on A's calendar automatically. 07,  · A person who used to be e delegate/manager for a room mailbox continues to receive meeting requests for at room, even ough ey no longer appear in e delegates list Note at is doesn’t only impact room mailboxes, it just happens at was e situation in bo of my cases is week. 03,  · Hi Darock999, please check in Outlook 20 by is way: Open Outlook (wi manager's profile)-File-Account Setting-Delegate Access- Check whe er you have cho sen My delegates only, but send a copy of meeting requests and responses to me (recommended) under Deliver meeting requests addressed to me and responses to meeting requests when I am e organizer. 27,  · As a workaround, you can set My delegates only in your Outlook so at e meeting requests will be sent only to your delegate if all e meetings are processed by your delegate. You also set a rule to delete meeting requests but you can still find em from Deleted Items if you need to check from time to time. Hope is helps. 15,  · Stop a Request from Being Forded in Outlook or e Outlook Web App. Stopping a meeting request from being forded is as simple as flipping a single setting before you send out e request. In e full Outlook client, wi an open meeting request, switch to e Meeting tab. Click e Response Option button and en click e. Feb 19,  ·. Find e delegate for a user's mailbox (I want to see who are e delegates). 2. Have e ability to disable notification for certain delegates from receiving acceptance notification for calendar items (e equavilent to uncecking Delegate receives copies of meeting-related messages sent to me in Outlook). Apr 03,  · I have a user who is a delegate of a Room mailbox in Exchange 20 along wi ano er user. What is happening is at occasionally, e user will auto-accept a meeting request for e room automatically wi out user intervention. I have verified in Powershell at e room is set for autoupdate and not autoaccept. 31,  · ere is an option in e Outlook Delegate window (seen below in Outlook 20), at allows only e delegate to receive meeting responses, but notice at it says Deliver meeting requests addressed to me and responses to meeting requests where I am e organizer to: . 13,  · To use is cmdlet, provide an owner and a delegate. You can optionally specify folder permission for Inbox, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Sent Items, and Deleted Items. if private items are viewable. if meeting requests are to be received. and e owner’s global handling of meeting requests. e delegate opens e meeting request by using Outlook 20 in online mode. In is scenario, e meeting request is displayed in e delegate’s mailbox wi e Received for ManagersName. Please respond status. Additionally, after e delegate opens e meeting request, it is added back to your calendar wi e Tentative status. Rooms in Outlook (Exchange) can be reserved for meetings and o er events. is includes conference rooms and o er meeting spaces.Scheduling Rooms for MeetingsRooms can be set up to handle reservation requests in one of two ways:Moderated: Requests to reserve e resource must be approved or denied by e resource manager. Auto-Accept: Requests to reserve e resource are. Reviewer - e delegate can read items in e manager's folder. Au or - e delegate can read and create items, and modify and delete items at he or she creates. For example, a delegate can create task requests and meeting requests directly in e manager's Calendar folder and en send e item on e manager's behalf. In is case, I don’t see e meeting request until Lisa has accepted it and e meeting appears in my calendar. Here is e meeting request in Lisa’s Inbox- note at is received for Shelley Fishel. My delegates and me. In is case, bo Lisa and I will receive a fully functional meeting request and ei er one of us can reply in from e. 05,  · Open e Microsoft Outlook application Click e File menu in e top left corner of e Outlook window.Under e Info tab, click on Account Settings en select Delegate Access. e Delegates window will appear.Click Add to add a delegate to your account. Use e Search field to find e user you’d like to add as a delegate. Editor: e delegate can read and create items, and change and delete items created by anyone. For example, a delegate can create task requests and meeting requests directly in your Task or Calendar folders en send e item on your behalf, and can make changes to tasks or meeting requests you created yourself, or delete items you created. e manager configures e delegated calendar so at e manager also receives copies of meeting requests and responses. A delegate creates a recurring meeting in e shared (manager's) calendar. e delegate includes emselves as an attendee to e recurring meeting. e delegate accepts eir own invitation as an attendee. 25,  · e default is at e delegate gets e meeting, delegate acts on e meeting, en e user receives notices of accepted meetings. I change e setting, (File, Account Settings, Delegate Access) to e ird option where bo e Delegate and e User receive e meeting request and ei er can accept or reject. Lastly, if she doesn’t want to be bo ered wi meeting requests at all, she can select Delegate only. Molly can also configure delegate access to her calendar from her tablet device. She can open up Outlook Web App wi a compatible mobile browser or OWA . 26,  · When one of my users receives a calendar invite e Outlook preview pane always says No Response Required, but if he opens e invite he gets e accept/ line options. We found e user has set his delegate to only accept meeting requests. Changed e setting to bo him and e delegate to accept request and e buttons showed back up. In conclusion, ere are a number of ways to work around e safety mechanism inherent in e Resource Booking Assistant which prevents recurring meeting request from double-booking a resource mailbox. e most robust and powerful of ese is e intrepid delegate wi Outlook 20 at eir fingertips and Exchange 20 at e ready. 24,  · Hi, A user on Outlook 20 on our Exchange 20 mail server has received a meeting request from a colleague at says e meeting request has been sent to your delegate(s). Your delegate has not responded to is meeting.. e user receiving e meeting request does not have any delegates set and I have checked using MFCMAPI at ey have no ghost delegates. Feb 20,  · Fording Meeting Requests. Microsoft recommends users on Outlook 2007 NOT ford meeting requests. ere are known issues resulting in lost/corrupt meeting data in is case. e meeting organizer should, instead, be asked to add e attendee to e original invite. In is scenario, e user does not have a delegate set up. Cause. is issue occurs if e meeting requests were processed incorrectly in e user's mailbox and ey get delivered to e user's Deleted Items folder instead of e Inbox folder or e meeting requests were processed incorrectly as if a delegate was set up. 13, 20  · Outlook Meeting Requests received as plain text: Exchange Server Administration: 2: 4, 20: L: Delegate responses to meeting requests: Using Outlook: 1: 4, 20: S: Meeting requests sent to a distribution group showing wi e wrong time in Outlook: Using Outlook: 2: 4, 20: K: Outlook 2007 meeting requests different senders. Now when you assign some delegate as an Editor, you are giving him/her, e privileges of creating meeting requests, sending meeting requests, editing and deleting meeting requests as well. In addition, he/she can also be given access to receive mails pertaining e meetings, PRIVATE ITEMS and also accept and reject meetings on your behalf. 2. e manager opens e meeting request but does not accept or line e request. Important In is scenario, e manager leaves e request open during e next steps. 3. e delegate opens e meeting request. en, e delegate accepts e meeting request and sends a response. 4.

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