sociology a down to earth approach 11th edition free download

sociology a down to earth approach 11th edition free download

However, the most egregious issue I have with this book was the authors "so called" research sources. In one particular chapter he cites a well known tabloid magazine dailymail as proof of one of his statements. Since you'll probably have to buy this book for a class regardless, feel free to fact check my claim.

Colby Minor. This entire textbook is online for free though. If you want a cheaper option just use the online book. If you want a physical copy buy the used one. Please create a new list with a new name; move some items to a new or existing list; or delete some items.

Essentials of sociology : a down-to-earth approach. Essentials of Sociology : a Down-to-Earth Approach. Take the Kenyon Virtual Tour Fully residential and one of the most beautiful anywhere, Kenyon's hilltop campus boasts buildings, a acre environmental center, hiking trails, and woods, all bordered by the Kokosing, one of Ohio's scenic rivers. Start the virtual tour. To study sociology is to embark on a fascinating process of discovery.

We can compare society to a huge jigsaw puzzle. Only gradually do we see how the intricate pieces fit together. As we begin to see these interconnections, our perspective changes as we shift our eyes from the many small, disjointed pieces to the whole that is being formed.

It is our privilege to share with students this process of awareness and discovery called the sociological perspective. As instructors of sociology, we have set ambitious goals for ourselves: to teach both social structure and social interaction and to introduce students to the sociological literature—both the classic theorists and contemporary research.

Although formidable, these goals are attainable, and this book can help you reach them. Based on many years of frontline classroom experience, its subtitle, A Down-to-Earth Approach, was not chosen lightly. My goal is to share the fascination of sociology with students and thereby make your teaching more rewarding. It is a pleasure to watch them gain insight into how their social experiences give shape to even their innermost desires.

From learning how the international elite carve up global markets to studying the intimacy of friendship and marriage, students can see how sociology is the key to explaining contemporary life—and their own place in it.

In short, this text is designed to make your teaching easier. There simply is no justification for students to have to wade through cumbersome approaches to sociology. I am firmly convinced that the introduction to sociology should be enjoyable and that the introductory textbook can be an essential tool in sharing the discovery of sociology with students. The Organization of This Text This text is laid out in five parts. Part I focuses on the sociological perspective, which is introduced in the first chapter.

We then look at how culture influences us Chapter 2 , examine socialization Chapter 3 , and compare macrosociology and microsociology Chapter 4. We first examine the different types of groups that have such profound influences on us and then look at the fascinating area of group dynamics Chapter 5. On the negative side, ethnocentrism can lead to discrimination against people whose ways differ from ours. The many ways in which culture affects our lives fascinate sociologists.

This will serve as a basis from which you can start to analyze your own assumptions of reality. I should give you a warning at this point: You might develop a changed perspec- tive on social life and your role in it. If so, life will never look the same.

Arabs wear gowns on the street and feel that it is natural to do so. Americans do the same with jeans. It is just as arbitrary to stand in line as to push and shove.

Culture penetrates deeply into our thinking, becoming a taken-for-granted lens through which we see the world and obtain our perception of reality. Culture provides implicit instructions that tell us what we ought to do and how we ought to think. It establishes a fundamental basis for our decision making. I, for example, believed deeply that it was wrong to push and shove to get ahead of others.

Coming into contact with a radically different culture challenges our basic assumptions about life. I experienced culture shock when I discovered that my deeply ingrained cultural ideas about hygiene and the use of personal space no longer applied.

Although the particulars of culture differ from one group of people to another, culture itself is universal. That is, all people have culture, for a society cannot exist without developing shared, learned ways of dealing with the challenges of life. All people are ethnocentric, which has both positive and negative consequences. For an example of how culture shapes our ideas and behavior, consider how some people dance with the dead.

You can read about this in the Cultural Diversity around the World box on the next page. Practicing Cultural Relativism To counter our tendency to use our own culture as the standard by which we judge other cultures, we can practice cultural relativism; that is, we can try to understand a culture on its own terms. This means looking at how the elements of a culture fit together, without judging those elements as inferior or superior to our own way of life.

With our own culture embedded so deeply within us, practic- ing cultural relativism is difficult to do. Print book. Brantford, Ont. Winnipeg, Man. If it not available in website, you can send email to. Already have an account? Laying the Sociological Foundation. Prejudice and Discrimination.

Theories of Prejudice. Global Patterns of Intergroup Relations. Racial-Ethnic Relations in the United States. Looking Toward the Future. Aging in Global Perspective. Recurring Problems. The Sociology of Death and Dying. The Transformation of Economic Systems.

The Transformation of the Medium of Exchange. World Economic Systems. The Functionalist Perspective on the Globalization of Capitalism. The Conflict Perspective on the Globalization of Capitalism. Work in U. Global Capitalism and Our Future. Micropolitics and Macropolitics. Power, Authority, and Violence. Types of Government. The U. Political System.

Who Rules the United States? War and Terrorism: Implementing Political Objectives.

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