the new world order ralph epperson pdf free download

the new world order ralph epperson pdf free download

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Anthony Ralph Epperson born November 1, [1] is an American writer [2] and conspiracy theorist. He is known for his anti-Masonic opinions. Epperson is a proponent of the conspiratorial view of history, which holds that "historical events occur by design for reasons that are not generally made known to the people," [3] in contrast to the mainstream view, termed the accidental view of history, which according to Epperson holds that "historical events occur by accident, for no apparent reason" [3] and "no one really knows why events happen—they just do.

Angka-angka Lucifer dan mata Horus. Piramida Mesir yang tidak ada hubungannya dengan AS tapi dipasang pada lembaran uang dolar. Mereka dikendalikan oleh mamon atau uang atau emas yang diciptakan oleh sebuah kelompok bernama Illuminati--berisi 13 keluarga Yahudi--yang telah memasukkan pengaruhnya ke dalam kelompok-kelompok rahasia seperti Freemasonry, Kabalah, Zionis, Globalisasi, Kapitalisme, Feminisme, New Age dan tetek bengek lainnya.

This book is absolutely fantastic. It's an eye opener especially when we see how matters in this book has enfolded throughout the years.

It definitely points out that there are always master plans being entrictly woven by a long stride to make the pieces fall in place May 29, Aaron rated it it was ok Shelves: favorites. Kinda biased. Reads like propaganda. Jun 21, Ammad added it. Usman rated it did not like it Sep 25, Layal rated it did not like it Feb 20, Denis Ivic rated it really liked it Feb 09, Hayat rated it really liked it Jun 07, Joseph Hernandez rated it liked it May 29, MsheArt2 rated it it was amazing Sep 12, Actions Shares.

Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Ralph Epperson 2. Ralph Epperson has spent 27 years in researching the history of the two sides of the Great Seal, and has discovered that those who designed them committed America to what has been called "A Secret Destiny. Epperson is making his research available to the American people so that they may know just what these planners wanted for our future.

And so that they can take corrective action. I felt that it would assist the reader in understanding my material if I included some brief comments about my personal background. I have become an avid reader since my graduation from college and I have noticed that many of the works I read frequently failed to provide some of this background information. So I feel that I must include similar information in this, my second book. I started reading in when a friend of mine noticed that even though I was a college graduate, my knowledge of history, political science and economics was woefully lacking.

I started reading at his insistence, and I haven't stopped since. Reading in one subject got me interested in another, and the process led me ultimately into the esoteric world of secret so- cieties and their concealed symbols.

The word esoteric is de- fined as a word or understanding that is intended for or under- stood by only a chosen few, as an inner group of disciples or in- itiates. As I continued my reading, I started noticing that I was discovering the evidence of an enormous truth; a truth that had escaped almost all of yesterday's historians. There was no question that some of these researchers had been moved to expose a part of this truth, but I was unable to find the one book that would put the entire story all together.

My search for that elusive volume continued, but I simply couldn't find it. About a year ago, I started feeling the need to write that volume myself.

However, feeling extremely inadequate for a task as impor- tant as this one, I decided that I would redouble my efforts to locate the one volume that would put it all together into one easily understood text. I continued my search into the writings of others, hoping to find someone who had performed this task before me, but I continued to be unsuccessful. Since I was unable to find that one book, I decided that I had to write it myself.

This is that effort. So, please accept this modest work for what it is: an honest attempt to put 26 years of research into one volume, by an individual who feels completely inadequate for the task!

I can 7. The chore seems to be doubly difficult: not only must my research be thorough, but I must also make the information I have uncovered believable. However, I do feel that I have succeeded as far as my meager talents have allowed me. There is no question that the research I conducted was not as exhaustive as it could have been. The more that I read, the more that I realized I had to read because the evidence to support the conclusions of this book appeared to be nearly limitless.

However, there comes a time when every researcher must conclude that the material that has been already located is adequate enough to convince even the most ardent skeptic and that any additional material uncovered would only duplicate that which had already been found.

In addition, there are several things I would like the reader to know. Quite often I have quoted the comments of several writers when one or two would probably have made my point. However, there is a reason for this. My intention is to make certain that the skeptical reader could not claim that I had cited only one writer and that he or she could not speak for the others in his or her field.

I wanted the reader to know that there were several authors who made the same point with their writings. In other words, I have endeavored to truly document my conclusions by exposing the reader to as many writers as possible. I believe that the reasons I have endeavored to do this will become clear as the reader progresses through this book.

Secondly, the authors that I have quoted were either those that I discovered had a part in the events described in this book, or were those who had convinced me that they had per- sonally researched the original works of the authors they cited.

In other words, I am attempting to prove my contentions from the writings of those who were either directly involved or have thoroughly documented their own research. The reader will soon discover that the writers I have cited are many of the principal writers in the area of this volume. The reason that I have done this is simply because I believe that the information that I have uncovered is extremely important to the future of the world, and that it must be presented in a manner that is as believable as is possible.

I wnnt the reader to believe this information because it comes from the experts in their respective areas of expertise.

I also 8. And lastly, I would like the reader to understand that I have attempted to keep my comments and or opinions to a minimum in this book. I believe that the evidence that I will present stands on its own and should be adequate to convince even the most ardent skeptic. It will need little if any explanation from me. In summary, then, I am hopeful that the reader will agree with me that I have succeeded in exposing a monumental truth that has escaped the overwhelming majority of the historians of the past.

However, that does not mean that the evidence is incorrect; it merely indicates that most people will consider those conclusions to be simply too in- credible to be believed. But, because of the implications for the future of not only the United States but of the world, if I am correct, it is impera- tive that this material be considered, by as many as is possible. For this reason, I have attempted to keep the contents of this book as readable as I could.

I am hopeful that each reader will be as dutiful as the average jury member. Anyone who has served on a jury will remember being admonished by the judge to remain open as they consider the evidence to be presented throughout the trial.

The juror is instructed to ignore any previous prejudices and to carefully weigh the evidence presented. I can ask no more. My goal is to have a positive impact on reversing the plans of those who are altering our future. Obviously, to accomplish that task, I must convince as many as I can that I am correct in my assertions.

I am therefore hopeful that each reader of this material will accept my challenge and remember the admonition of the judge: be honestly open and dutifully consider the evidence that will presented. XI Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.

AA Landscape Urbanism: Weave, rethinking the urban surface. This is his comment about the coming changes: "A new day is dawning for Freemasonry. From the insufficiency of theology and the hopelessness of materialism, men are turning to seek the God of phi- losophy.

Hall has said that current "theology," ob- viously current "religion," has proven insufficient. Also, he feels that "materialism," meaning the right to private proper- ty, is also a failure. But more importantly, he points out that this new "God" of the Freemasons is somehow different from the God of the Jews and Christians.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, perhaps the founder of the current New Age movement, has also determined that the Masons are somehow supportive of her religious views. In , she founded an organization called the Theosophical Society, basically dedicated to teaching the world about her new secret religion. Hall is right, the "evils" that his fellow Mason Al- bert Pike saw are connected to current religion, and that which is coming is somehow different from those religious views.

Hall, who as mentioned previously is another 33rd degree Mason, also wrote that a new day was coming, and that it was not too far into the future: "A new light is breaking in the east; [the signifi- cance of the location, "the east," will be pointed out later] a more glorious day is at hand.

Hall is also expecting that these changes are about to occur in the not too distant future. Someone who attempted to zero in on when these chang- es were expected to occur was Alice Bailey, previously men- tioned.

She wrote about when she thought the New Age would arrive: "Eventually, there will appear the Church Uni- versal, and its definite outlines will appear towards the close of this century. This estimate of that date is not too far wrong, as will be demonstrated later in this book. Whatever is coming in the future, some New Agers have told us that they expect that it will last for a long time.

One such writer is Ruth Montgomery, who wrote that she saw that the new religion would rule the earth for a thousand years. She wrote that these were the basic tenets of the new religion: 1.

A universal credit card system will be imple- mented. A world food authority will control all of the world's food supply. A universal tax. A universal draft. They intend on utterly rooting out people who believe the Bible and worship God and to completely stamp out Christianity. Here Mrs. Cumbey says that they see not only Catholicism as the enemy, they also see all of Christianity as an enemy. Whatever the New Agers believe in, it appears to be growing in popularity. Bantam Books, one of this nation's leading publishing houses, has reported that the sales of their New Age titles has increased tenfold in the past decade.

Time magazine reports that the number of New Age bookstores has doubled in the past five years, to a total of about 2, But perhaps the most insightful comment about the na- ture of what the New Age religion believed in, and who they worshipped as their god, was written by Mrs. She wrote that they had: " Cumbey and the other writers on the subject are right, the New Age Movement needs to be studied in some depth. These are the two religions that set the United States on its course because these religions taught that mankind had some basic human rights.

They held that the family was the basic unit in all of the world; they believed in the right to private property; they believed in the inalienable defined as being incapable of being surrendered right to life; they held that each person had the right to worship their god; and they held that all had the right to freedom of association.

As shall be documented in this study, these positions, which were deemed to be "self-evident" by those who wrote the American Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, became the cornerstones of the American civilization.

The term "self-evident" means that these human rights were not worthy of debate because they stood on their own simply because they were true. They couldn't be debated. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, a German philosopher, and one of the teachers of many of the world's leading communist revolutionaries, put the statement: argument quite succinctly, in this "I condemn Christianity. I raise against the Chris- tian Church the most terrible of all accusations that any accuser uttered, conceivable corruption.

Other parties wish to join the debate. And, as in every war, the enemy must be defeated, even by bloodshed if necessary. This war is no different. Bloodshed is anticipated by all parties in the battle. LaVedi Lafferty and Bud Hollo well, two New Agers, started the discussion about how their religion sanctions the use of violence against the Christian community.

In the Age of Enlightenment there is no place for ignorant people. Nonexistence of the unfit has been the law of nature. Although these peoples will eventually be replaced by the new root race about to make its appearance in a newly cleansed world; nevertheless, for the mo- ment, this is a tragedy. The concept that a new race of people will inhabit the world in the New Age millennium has been expressed by other believers in the religion.

Ruth Montgomery, previously mentioned, has written about that change: "Those who survive the shift will be a different type of people from those in physical form today, freed from strife and hatred, longing to be of service to the whole of mankind.

Another believer to write on the subject of the destruction of those who will not accept the new religion was Ruth Montgomery. She has been quoted as saying in a transcribed interview carried by a magazine called Magical Blend: "Millions will survive and millions won't. Those who won't will go into the spirit state, because there is truly no death. Another estimate of the number required to die because they will not accept the new religion was offered by the so- called "Tibetan master," Djwhal Khul, who has said in one of his channelling experiences, that one third of all humanity must die by the year Channelling is one of the strange activities occurring inside the New Age religion.

Some of the believers claim that they have the ability to call forth the deceased spirit of someone who lived many years before. Quite often these spirits claim to be "ascended masters," those who have gone on to discover the eternal truths of all of creation. One such believer who claimed to be in touch with a "master" was Alice Bailey, previously mentioned. Her spirit called himself Djwhal Khul, and she claimed he spoke through her, saying: "Death is not a disaster to be feared; the work of the Destroyer is not really cruel or undesirable Therefore there is much destruction permitted by the custodians of the Plan and much evil turned into good.

He placed an advertisement in about 20 newspapers all over the world on April 25, , that defined the term. The ad read, in part: "What is The Plan? It includes the installation of a new world government and new world religion under Maitreya. That is the choice. The battle lines are drawn! Choices will have to be made. Some of the leading Socialists of the past have shown that they too have chosen up sides.

One such individual was Adolf Hitler, the head of the German government during World War II, who held no conviction that the murder of over 50 million people during that war was wrong. He considered himself to be an agent of this unseen god in reducing the population of people that he held to be undesirable. He wrote: "I have the right to exterminate millions of in- dividuals of inferior races, which multiply like ver- And he did what he considered acceptable inside his religion.

Those who did not believe in his new religion had no choice, and they perished. The evidence that Adolf Hitler was a New Ager will be presented later in another chapter. Another of the leading spokesmen for the Socialist posi- tion was George Bernard Shaw, a well-known writer during his day. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught and employed whether you like it or not.

If it were discovered that you had not the character and in- dustry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might be executed in a kindly manner, but whilst you were permitted to live, you would have to live well. Often one man and many men must be sacrificed. The commandment against this practice is contained in Exodus of the Old Testament, and in Matthew in the New, and is simply expressed in the words: "Thou shalt not kill. This understanding is nearly worldwide there are, of course, cultures that have deter- mined that human sacrifice, cannibalism and murder are ac- ceptable forms of behavior, but these are rare in the history of man.

But, here we are being exposed to a whole new re- ligious view, one growing daily in size and stature, that openly advocates the wholesale slaughter of entire races of people. Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, has also endorsed this new conviction that murder was not improper by including it in the initiation ceremony into the Order. He has his initiator tell the initiate: "Behold our secret If in order to destroy all Christianity, all religion, we have pretended to have the sole true religion, remember that the end justi- fies the means, and that the wise ought to take all the means to do good which the wicked take to do evil.

And that the major goal of the Illuminati was the destruction of all religion, including Christianity.

That meant that if Christians physically stood in the way, they could be removed by simply murdering them. Weishaupt even went so far as to say that anyone not willing to take the life of another was unfit to join the Illuminati. He wrote the following in a letter to a fellow member in "No man is fit for our Order who is not He com- mitted his organization to its infiltration.

Then, he committed it to unspeakable purposes: anything that would further the goal of the Illuminati. He even went on to grant permission to his members to distort the truth by lying if it would further their goals. He wrote: "There must not a single purpose ever come in sight One must speak sometimes one way and some- times another, but so as never to contradict our- selves, and so that, with respect to our true way of thinking, we may be impenetrable.

Orwell has an initiate into a secret society called The Brotherhood in his story asked these questions: "Are you prepared to give your life?

Are you prepared to commit murder? Are you prepared to commit acts of sabotage which may cause the death of hundreds of innocent people?

Are you prepared to betray your country to foreign powers? Are you prepared to cheat, to forge. There is no morality under such an oath. So murder of the unfit, those unwilling to adopt the new religion, will be acceptable. And those who do the annihilat- ing are to feel no remorse. In the view of the New Age re- ligion, the murderers have served mankind well. But, this callous disregard for the right to life of every human on the face of the earth has been predicted before.

In the New Testament, John was moved to write in John "Yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. This individual has not made his public appearance yet, but the New Agers claim that he is on the earth at the present time. They claim that he came to live with the Asian community in East London, England, in July, , by "descending" from his ancient retreat in the Himalaya Mountains along the border of India and Tibet.

They further believe that "his imminent emergence into full public view is assured. In other words, all of the major religions of the world are awaiting the arrival of this one individual.

It is their claim that this one individual living now in London is the one expected by all of these religions. He wrote about where the y started:"The first of which The most important of the se mysteries were the Osiric in Egypt.

Osiris changed his n am e, andbec am e Adoni or Dionusos, still the representative of the sun. In Greece and Sicily, Osiris took the n am e ofBacchus The mystics claim thatthis mystery has been concealed from the world for centuries.

Even though the y had taken the mystery to o the r continents,those who believed in this religion were yet to take ittoAmerica. That was yet to come. Chapter 5Secret Societies"An invisible hand is guiding the populace. And President Wilson warned those who were quick to condemn the se organizations that the y had better be cautious. Hewrote that all secret order s and associations:" He realized that this secrecy wouldenable the m to decide the fate of nations and because the irdeliberations were secret, no outsider could interfere.

Hewrote:"The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment;let it never appear in its own n am e, but alwayscovered by ano the r n am e, and ano the r occupation. Hidden schools of wisdomare the means which will one day free men from the irbonds [ the "bonds" of religion, as will be detailed later. Themembers of the se organizations obviously feel that the ir goalsare so noble that the y may perform whatever tasks arerequired of the m to bring that goal to fruition.

This meansthat murder, plunder, and lying all become acceptable as longas the se methods assist its members in obtaining the ir goal. But the Masons want the world to know that the y are notone of the societies involved in changing the world 's They are quick to rush to the ir own defense. Albert G. Mackey attempted to clear the air about those whohad been charging the m with some of the se activities. It has been the unjust accusation of every enemyof the Institution in all times past, that its object andaim is the possession of power and control in the affairsof state.

It is in vain that history records no instance ofthis unlawful connection between Freemasonry andpolitics; it is in vain that the libeler is directed to the Ancient Constitutions of the Order, which expresslyforbid such connections.

But the evidence that connects the Masonic Lodges to suchactivity continues to accumulate, Mr. Mackey's denials notwithstanding. Chapter 6Concealed Mysteries"In all time, truth has been hidden under symbols. There certainly seems to be a power in knowing someth i n g that you can't tell your f am ily, friends, children or businessacquaintances. Ad am Weishaupt said it best with thisselection from his writings:"Of all the means I know to lead men, the mosteffectual is a concealed mystery.

These energieswhen released can have a potent effect. College fraternities and sororities teach the college student to accept secret initiation ceremonies andhidden knowledge at a young age. The Masons, intended foradult males, have similar organizations for the ir young sonsand daughters, and o the r secret organizations for the ir wives. All of the se organizations tend to prepare the ir malemembers for fur the r service in the master secret organization: the Masons.

However, the Masons are quick to point out that the yconceal the ir truths from the general public. Hallwrote this :"It is for the Adepts [an adept is defined by the dictionary as one who is an expert.

But, the re is an"esoteric" definition that shall be discussed later] oneto understand the meaning of the Symbols. Symbolism fulfilled both the need to concealsacred truths from the uninitiated and to offer alanguage for those qualified to understand it.

Alice Bailey, one of the keywriters supporting the New Age movement, wrote this:"The hour for the ancient mysteries has arrived These Ancient Mysteries were Claudy,told anyone who read the Masonic literature that the y hadbest understand the language, or the y would miss the truemeaning of the words. He wrote:"He who hears but the words of Freemasonrymisses the ir meaning entirely. The reason that this is sois because the Masons have admitted that the y have concealed the true meaning of some of the ir language.

However, it is possible to know the true meanings of atleast some of the hidden language. And the reader can becertain that the discovered interpretations are correct because the Masons the mselves have revealed the hidden meanings ofsome of the ir symbols in some of the ir own literature. The secret societies that have concealed the ir purposes inhidden meanings, concealed writings, and private initiationcermonies, are admittedly powerful.

I mean the secret societies They do not wantconstitutional government; Carl Claudy, a Masonic writer, told his readersthat secrets are inside secrets which are inside o the r secrets.

He wrote:"Cut through the outer shell and find a meaning;cut through that meaning and find ano the r; under it ifyou dig deep enough you may find a third, a fourth -who shall say how many teachings? Nikolai Lenin, the Marxist Communist who communized the Russian nation in the years following the Russian Revolutionof , wrote this:"We have to use any ruse, dodge, trick, cunning,unlawful method, concealment, and veiling of the truth.

That something is so horrible, so terrible, that knowledgeof that secret must be kept from those who would have the most to lose by knowledge of that secret.

In the case of the secret societies, it is a belief in Lucifer,also known as Satan, the devil. But those in a non-Communist nation targeted for aCommunist government are not to learn that simple truth. They are to be told that the system is the culmination ofman's upward search for a perfect society. And the y must bedeluded into believing that the re is no cost in the changefrom the ir. But history has recorded the brutality of the Communistsand the fact that millions of people have had to dieas the Communists installed that form of government.

The evidence to support that contention will be discussedlater in this study. Secrecy is certainly not a part of the Chrisian religion. Itis possible to know that nothing that Jesus said has beenhidden from the Christians. He told the high priest in John" The Masons know that the y must conceal the ir horriblesecret from the people. That secret is simply the fact that certain of the irmembers worship Lucifer. And that the y keep that secretfrom the overwhelming majority of the ir own members.

Andcertainly the public is not to know this fact. And the evidence to support that conclusion is am ple. But only to the one who cares enough to look for it. Chapter 7Serpents, Stars and SunsSo the student of history has to discover the hiddenmeanings behind the symbols in the Masonic literature andin the secret initiation ceremonies to understand the MasonicOrder.

One of the first symbols that needs to be ex am ined is the symbol of the serpent, also called a snake or dragon. Hall states that the serpent was a symbol of"wisdom. Hall continued Hall links the serpent with the AncientMysteries previously discussed. He continues with the commentthat the serpent was worshipped by the priests of thatreligion:"The priests of the Mysteries were symbolized asa serpent, sometimes called Hydra.

Hall capitalized the two words, as one would do for a deity orfor royalty] reigned over the earth. The serpent was the ir symbol They were the true Sons of Light, and from the mhave descended a long line of adepts and initiates dulytried and proven according to the law.

Hall capitalized the two words "Serpent Kings" whenhe wrote:"One symbol of great prominence throughout allancient civilizations is the snake of serpent, where ithas symbolized 'Divine Wisdom.

Hall had reason to capitalize the words, becausehe had discovered that the serpent represented divinity. Notice also that Mr. Gregson, even though he chose not tocapitalize the word "serpent," confirmed that Mr.

Hall's use of the capital letter was correct when he stated that the re wasa connection between "Divine Wisdom" and the serpent. Hall made the s am e connection in the se comments:"The serpent is true to the principles of wisdom,for it tempts man to the knowledge of himself.

He identified that truth inthis quote when he described a Brazen Serpent:"It was a type of Mediator, and a promise of redemption. The storyis covered in Isaiah of the Old Test am ent:"How are thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend intoheaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will be like the most High. There is a higher and a lowerintellect. Thus, symbolically, the re is a serpent that crawls,and the higher intellect, that which allows man toknow God - the heavenly serpent, the serpent in the sky.

He wrote this:"Among the charges preferred against the Order ofKnights Templar, for which Jacques de Molay sufferedmartyrdom, was that of worshipping an idol or imagecalled Baphomet. It has been suggested that Baphomet is noneo the r than the Ancient of Days, or Creator. More cannot be said here without improperly revealingwhat we [meaning we Masons] are bound tohele, conceal and never reveal.

A Christian minister, Reverend Alexander Hislop, wrote abook that included some discussion on the subject of serpentworship. It was an ancient practice. In the mythology of the primitive world , the serpent is universally the symbol of the sun This coin was also the subject ofan article in the September, issue of The Good Newsmagazine.

It depicted a serpent entwined around a treestump. To the left of the stump stood an empty cornucopia,and to the right a flourishing palm tree. The snake on the coin is the symbol of the powerful god whom the Romans The n am e means " the man-instructingsnake, or the "snake that instructs man.

As the legend goes, Aesculapius was ultimately struckdown by a thunderbolt thrown by an angry Zeus, kingof the gods, and cast into the under world. In the mythologies of many ancient civilizations, the image of a fallen tree was used to symbolize the cutting off of a great god or hero, someone cut off in the midst of the ir power.

The snake on the coin was shown twistingitself around the dead stump, exerting its power in anattempt to restore his fallen kingdom. The cornucopia is an ancient symbol of plenty, but it wasempty on the coin. This has been interpreted as meaning that the abundance had been cut off because the great "god" hasbeen cut off, However, the implication is that the horn ofplenty will return when the fallen "god" is restored to his"rightful" position.

The palm tree shown on the coin is a well known symbolof victory. So it appears that the coin was minted to depict the anticipated return of the fallen snake-god to the world.

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