the secret of childhood by maria montessori free download

the secret of childhood by maria montessori free download

Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. See all books by Maria Montessori. About Maria Montessori Dr. Product Details. Holmes, Henry W. Downloads downloads in the last 30 days. You can see it at the end of this brilliant brilliant book. In the last few chapters she tries to tie everything about kids in with adults and she So the last few chapters of the book are a bust but the rest of the book I wish everyone in the world would read.

Another note is that she understands the problem and some aspects of the solution well. She understands children well and how we do them wrong. Some of her methods though and even some of her observations speak to her lack of ability to see what "real" children look like i. Both of these things that seem so normal in children are actually reactions to how they are treated. Treat them differently and you will have different children.

Mostly it's the anal thing. That just has not been my experience with kids who are empowered in other ways. View all 3 comments. Sep 22, The rated it liked it.

If you're looking for a "how-to" on the Montessori Method, this isn't it. What this book is is an exploration of the philosophical foundations of Maria Montessori's view of the child in society, based upon some of her historical experiences and study of related social research.

Although this book was published long ago, Montessori's revelation appears to be, by and large, still a secret. Sadly, it is not just a cultural secret. Even in the West, and particularly the United States, where her ideas If you're looking for a "how-to" on the Montessori Method, this isn't it.

Even in the West, and particularly the United States, where her ideas seem to have the strongest following, the parenting and educational mainstreams seem to have done little to absorb Montessori's insights into both theory and practice. If Montessori was correct in her discovery, then it says something both appalling and demoralizing about the failure of society to integrate such important truths. So, what is this "secret"? The secret of childhood is that it is a period of time during which the child works, not to assimilate himself into society, but to assimilate himself into himself.

We hear echoes of Max Stirner , Germany in Maria Montessori , Italy , for example, compare Stirner, school is to be life and there, as outside of it, the self-revelation of the individual is to be the task… only freedom is equality… we need from now on a personal education not the impressing of convictions … knowledge must die and rise again as will and create itself anew each day as a free person. He is infallible, the model upon which the child must be molded An adult who acts this way This psychic development of the child, a "universal" as Montessori puts it, into an individuated person, the man, unfolds along a predetermined path dictated by nature.

Childhood constitutes the most important element in an adult's life, for it is in his early years that a man is made. That is not to say that man's childhood development is deterministic, but that there is a logic and a succession of predictable stages and events to it, much like a caterpillar becomes a cocoon and then a butterfly.

The place an animal will have in the universe can be seen at birth. We know that one animal will be peaceful since it is a lamb, that another will be fierce because it is a lion cub, that one insect will toil without ceasing since it is an ant, and that another will do nothing but sing in solitude since it is a locust.

And just as the lower animals, so the newly born child has latent psychic drives characteristic of its species A child develops not simply as a member of the human species, but as a person. And the implication of this fact is that the child, in his childhood, has special needs during this period of development which will allow this process of psychic development to occur without obstruction or injury, ranging from the suitability of his environment, to the tools and instruments he has at his use, to the way he is interacted with and communicated with by adults, who he sees as omnipotent, almost magical, beings of power and authority.

Isn't it funny to stop for a moment and consider how sure of ourselves and the nature and limits of the adults around us we are, and how truly mysterious any of this was when we first made our way into the world as small children?

Just ponder that for a moment if you're having trouble grasping the significance of Montessori's "secret". What are some of these differences and needs between children and adults?

The first is understanding the significance of work to each. For adults, work is a means to obtain a fixed and known goal, and the general idea is to work efficiently, that is, to get the highest yield in terms of outcome for the smallest amount of resources and energy expended.

But for children, the purpose of work is to learn about the self-- work is not performed to obtain an income, or to be fed, or to avoid a threat, but rather work is performed to experience the psychic benefit of knowing how to perform the work. An adult walks to reach some external goal and he consequently heads straight for it An infant, one the other hand, walks to perfect his own proper functions, and consequently his goal is something creative within himself. In working, a child applies their intellect to the world, they come to understand their power and ability as a person to influence and change the world more to their liking, a fact that mature adults take for granted.

His hands under the guidance of his intellect transform this environment and thus enable him to fulfill his mission in the world. Because of this, a child may be seen to work "aimlessly", or "inefficiently", or "incompetently", but this observation is made from the point of view of an adult which is not applicable to the child and their psychic purpose in working.

Montessori relates how adults who are finished working are typically tired and in need of rest or recreational stimulation, whereas children who are finished working are exhilarated and self-satisfied at accomplishing whatever it was inside of their psyche that compelled them to perform their work.

Another need is the need for separate property. Children exist in a world created by adults, for the benefit of adults and adults can be capricious with their property and arrangements in ways that are befuddling and intimidating to children. Everything in the child's world for example, in the home belongs to the adults-- the furniture, which is sized for the adults; the dishware and glassware and silverware, which is sized for the adults; the books, the clothes, the walls, the art, even the pets!

But for the moment he esteems a glass as something of greater value than the child's activity and seeks to prevent its being broken [and so interferes needlessly with the child's development in stopping him from his activity with the glass].

Montessori describes the adults as "kings", who may of occasion grant the child a right to temporary use of the king's property, but never the right to possess the property themselves.

An adult, however high or low he may be, is always a powerful being in comparison with a child. The child can feel as if it lives only at the mercy and privilege of the king.

The child is constantly being instructed and informed how to use something, what to touch and what not to touch, to keep away from this or to go be near that. The child needs some of its own things, in sizes and qualities specific to its uses, so that it may explore and understand and "work" in the world around itself without constantly being in conflict with the adults. Interested in making videos for your class projects or lectures?

Just need a basic editor to be able…. Do you use online videos in your lessons or presentations? Classifications Dewey Decimal Class M Stokes company, incorporated in English.

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