top 10 free video editing software 2018

top 10 free video editing software 2018

The playlist is a bit confusing and when the app first opens, You don't immediately get a timeline. But I figured it out in less than 10 min so I'm not bothered by it. Overview: Blender is a free and open source creation suite that runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac systems. Blender provides 3D-based solutions including modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, game creation and video editing for any purpose including commercial and education.

Every day that I work in it, I end up learning something new that I can do in the program and improve on my models. When refining your workflow you don't want to grow dependent on Blender developers improving and solving things for you, but instead you have all the means to extend and find a way forward yourself. After that, start with something small to see if Blender is the tool for you.

Take some time to get used to the interface, hotkeys and tools. If you are using Sony MXF based cameras and exporting to MXF it can be one of the simplest options and the program puts the focus on making solid editing decisions. There's no fluff to Avid. Or not much, at least. It tries to do one thing and do it well.

It's easier to create texts that you need outside of AVID and then import and add them in separately. The effects are not intuitive and require training whether you are learning from someone else are watching tutorials on Youtube.

Overview: Lightworks, a professional video editing software that can produce video in SD and HD with up to 4K resolution. Creating new projects is incredible intuitive.

Once I select my folder of clips and click import, the software starts to analyze all of my clips instantly and all the videos assemble in an orderly fashion. Branded Content. Ad Insights. Custom Insights. Niharika Dutta 2 years ago. A few features to look forward to — Desktop integration that enables dragging and dropping files to OpenShot.

Scope for unlimited keyframes and animation Huge possibilities for tracks or layers, including watermarks, background audio to name a few video transitions with real-time previews Robust 3D animation with more than 2o options Advanced editing timeline with features like spanning, zooming etc.

Compositing, image overlays, watermarks Additional features like digital video effects, time mapping, audio mixing and others make it a pretty good deal without having to incur any cost at all. What you may not like: Not enough video tutorials 3. Lightworks Lightworks is a professional grade software which deserves applause for the fact that it has been made available to everyone for free.

What you may not like: You will have to pay for 4K video support 4. VideoPad Best suited for beginners and those who want to publish their videos on social media platforms. Shotcut Best suited for amateur video editors, Shotcut is a powerful, open source, free video editing software available for all three operating systems. Web content is taking a turn toward video whether SEOs and content marketers like it or not.

Not an expert? Here are our recs for the top 10 best pieces of video editing software or video editing apps for beginners—from cheapest i. This type of time-lapse video could work great to show how a product is made. You can also speed up your time-lapse by up to 12x. Cons: iOS only; may take a couple of attempts to get great results. Available on iOS only.

While some native Apple apps fall short, Apple Clips is one of the good guys. This app covers most of your video editing needs for Instagram. You can stitch clips together, and edit your timeline.

Two of the coolest features are the ability to edit your background and give your content a comic book feel. The next awesome feature is Live Titles: Just record a video and Apple Clips adds captions automatically while you speak that are in sync with your voice. Best for: iOS users looking for quick, interactive, Instagram friendly editing software. Last but not least we come to FilmoraGo.

FilmoraGo is a solid video editing app without any watermarks or paid subscriptions. Add music, transitions, and trim video clips all from within the app. You can easily add themes, text, and titles to your videos. Best for: Adding text, themes, and overlays to customize your videos.

Use the free video editing software in this list to start creating stunning videos today. Boost your ROI and maximize your ad spend by creating product videos and ads that present your brand in a visually appealing way. Avidemux , Openshot , VideoPad.

What video editing software to use for advanced projects with 3D animation? What video editing software to use for 4K, HD video projects? What video editing software is best for Windows-based editing projects? What video editing software is best for Mac users getting started with video editing? What video editing software is best for video splicing? Machete Lite. What video editing software is best for uploading vlogs to YouTube? Hitfilm Express Pros Prosumer features in a free package Fun online video tutorials based on Hollywood genres and themes Excellent effects and transitions.

Cons You have to share a link to it on social media to download it Limited export formats, and the exporting interface is a real pain. Avid Media Composer First. It only seems fitting that the makers of GoPro would also release an app that allows you -- as the name suggests -- to splice together different video clips on your phone to create a moving collage.

We had a lot of fun playing with this one, especially since Splice even contains a library of musical tracks that can be used as a background for your finished product. You can also use the app to trim and edit the different pieces of video, and customize transition lengths from one scene to the next.

My colleague, Amanda Zantal-Wiener , experimented with Splice by compiling the above second video of her dog -- using only an iPhone 6. Melissa Stoneburner of Examiner. Similar to Magisto the first video editor on our list , Adobe Clip automatically sets your video to the music of your choice using Premiere Clip's library or your own , and offers a Freeform editor that allows you to customize your edits further after this initial audio sync.

Premiere's equally robust video editing features help you trim, drag, and drop multiple video and image clips -- right from your mobile device's photo and video album -- in the order you'd like. Then, just add proper lighting, manipulate the speed of the video, and share your final product directly on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

We've already covered the coolness of photo collages. But what if you could make a video collage? PicPlayPost is a simple app that lets you do exactly that. Just remember that the sound from both videos will play at the same time, so be sure they won't clash with one another. There are many uses for a video collage app, but my colleague, Lindsay Kolowich , particularly likes the way fitness professional Melissa Made uses it on her Instagram account. She posts video collages with her performing a workout on one side, while she explains the workout out loud on the other.

Although the video editing services below do not offer mobile versions, they do offer easy-to-learn functionality at minimal cost. These apps are the best for sitting down at your computer and editing amazing video content for your YouTube channel.

Source: Blender. The open source program Blender is more than just a video editor: It's a full-blown 3D animation suite, which allows for modeling, rendering, motion tracking, and more.

Another hidden "cost" is periodic or even constant in-line advertising or reminders that an upgrade is available. VideoPad on the Mac makes you verify at every launch that you are using the free version for noncommercial purposes.

Both DaVinci and VSDC mix paid features in their basic programs, but they do not explicitly mark these features as such. However, if you try to use them, you'll get an error message and an ad.

We can't fault the software companies for trying to get users on board with paid versions, but just be warned that such annoyances are the hidden cost of otherwise-free video apps. Basic features The watchword with free apps is often which one offers the best combination of technically complex software for which you would otherwise have to shell out the big bucks.

All video editors should, at the very least, have some combination of familiar features like a viewer or playback window, library, timeline, and access to transitions and effects.

Tech support and documentation One of the big differences between paid and free software is the level of documentation and tech support; paid software has more-explicit and -detailed documentation and guides than the free versions.

That said, many software packages post instructional videos of the most popular features to YouTube, and more-complex free packages may offer extensive documentation.

Many independent vendors, who are often sole proprietors in charge of the software, make themselves available to users via social media and email to assist with problems, troubleshoot, take suggestions and criticism, and otherwise oversee the software.

It has integrated YouTube exporting and a bunch of really impressive real-time effects. There are lots of other good options too. These are very, very good tools designed to run on very, very good computers. Free apps are aimed at a more forgiving and less demanding kind of user. They can.

It can be. Amazingly, in the free version you get nearly all the features. The main restriction for the free licence version is the output formats — you can only export a web-compatible file at p.

If you want to export a few projects into a different format fairly cheaply, you can buy a one-month licence for a relatively small fee. Lightworks is undoubtedly some of the best free video editing software for Windows The superbly designed timeline enables a high degree of control, so you can trim and mix together your audio and video clips exactly how you want them.

It's a powerful piece of kit for a freebie, handling video capture and advanced editing with ease. On the down-side, because it's a slimmed-down version of a professional suite, you may find that the interface isn't the easiest to navigate. But there are plenty of good tutorial videos to help you get you up and running — and you won't have to pay a penny, as long as your projects are non-commercial.

Platform: Windows Key features: Supports wide range of file formats, built-in DVD burner, chart tool, video stabiliser Best for: Enthusiasts and begineers. No list of the best free video editing software would be complete without a mention of Hitfilm Express.

Its interface is uncomplicated and approachable, and you can even customise it to match your needs via dockable and undockable panels. This is one of the best free video editors that will do anything you'd need for the majority of projects.

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