www softpedia com free software downloads platform

www softpedia com free software downloads platform

At some point these businesses either find a model or go bankrupt. Obviously it's cheaper to create an online edition than a paper one but not everyone has computers so they're stuck making paper available for what might be a long, long time.

The next question is does Mother Jones, et el, continue with the electronic version and if so who is granted access. They've all the news media created the free online versions which makes it real hard for people that are stuck with paper paying the freight for what transpires online which they may or may not have access to depending on their finances.

I know I'm annoyed because I can no longer access the NYT for free but I can't see spending for a subscription for the 1 or 2 articles I might read per day or week.

If you go to the pay by the article model then it's going to have to be some incredibly interesting reporting - not the stuff they pull of the line services like Reuters but good honest investigative reporting something we haven't been getting for years since Wall Street has taken over the news media industry demanding high profits. This is just as true for software. If we're going to pay for it than we want something better than a lot of these apps we use on our smart phones which are poorly written and use excessive bandwidth, memory and processor time eating up battery life.

Or like I stated above just stop working because they are the low app on a per user basis for a particular functionality with maybe 30 or 40 others offering the same functionality. But these too will have the same end as what I see happening with Mozilla they eventually just fall into such disrepair and users remove them from their devices and in the end it leaves one or two corporate generated apps to do the work.

Just look at our major corporations. We have like 10 major companies that supply all our consumer items. Now just add a few new corps for the ones that are going to be selling you software into that image and you see the future unless someone comes up with a non-capitalist method of creating this stuff.

People don't have the time to work a full-time job that doesn't pay enough to make ends meet then come home and write software for free at least not in our current financial world. Likewise the software we use on our bigger devices we expect to work properly as well and we have some fairly good freeware available without advertisements.

In fact I've attempted to build my laptop's software from entirely free and non-sponsored or adware and I've done that with the exception of my Avira which gives me one pop-up at boot time and I purchased MS Office and Quicken which if there was a solid freeware alternative I would uninstall in a minute because Quicken extorts money by cutting off the very functionality I paid for every couple of years and as of this year I have added tax software without any ads by going through the website setup by the Federal Government.

I didn't even pay for state tax support. But here to I have begun to see various programs on my laptop no longer being updated so at some point they're just going to fail and that will be the end.

Sure they're vary desirable programs for me creating all kinds of utility type functions which often cannot be recreated by using a command console because they're much more sophisticated but when the author passes away of just is not able to maintain them anymore who will? Maybe someone will attempt to profit from them or maybe as our OS's become more complex they get added into the base but I really don't see it going that direction.

Over all the years since I started with MS-DOS we haven't added anything except for the windows interface and MS's version of antivirus and firewall - that's it in some 35 years. Back to the news media. The NYT is a major paper and has some pull but how about your local news paper or state level news papers and the news media magazines like The Times, The Atlantic, et el? They've been losing business for years since they've been taking over by the big players because Wall Street forced them to increase profits for shareholders and the only way to accomplish that was to eliminate or severely limit investigative reporting.

Some of the best reporting we get anymore has been done by hackers getting information like the Federal Government's Foreign affairs cables which were exposed through Wiki Leaks but at a serious cost to the man running the database. The other biggy of course was the Snowden leaks and now we have the Panama leaks. But the newspapers haven't done much to get through all this data.

Because the government has told them to watch themselves or else. On top of that its literally too much data and too much expense even considering the information that might come from reading every singe cable or record. But how do we know that what's being written is legitimate?

We've all seen the so-called PhotoShopped images that are everywhere on the net. We have no way to discern the truth between the two versions. If we extend the sponsor model to the news media guess who are we never going to have true information regarding?

Of course the very sponsor. Of course if the NYT was doing corrupt or scandalous reporting pre-today's era we wouldn't have known it back then either. For example if they were to break a false story to generate sales they're not going to ever expose themselves their credibility would be down the drain and as a paper it would be morally bankrupt.

Their very refusal to continue expose the Wiki Leaks Cablegate has not endeared them to the reading public because they're now showing their allegiance to not expose the government of their dirty deeds which is one of the few reasons one might buy a paper.

Anyways below is a link to someone else's version of what I was posting except I had specific examples regarding Thunderbird and Firefox beginning to see the end of the line while this article is just talking about the news media but it's a very similar problem.

I know that the ads that go onto these sites are somehow auctioned but the one saving grace might be that the publishers of software or news refuse to accept these penny per ad prices because effectively what that's telling me is that the advertisers no longer want to pay for advertising.

Well then I guess they shouldn't be getting any advertising on any websites other than their own. It's one of the few things that could turn this around.

Or maybe they just have no interest in coding for free when they can get paid or other reasons. What happens when the coder just passes away and the code is lost? Do we have to will these various software projects to someone that has nothing better to do than work for free? Submit your startup and get in front of millions of users. Submit Your Startup. Unlike most software sites, Softpedia hosts many products on their own servers automatically scanned for malware , so they are available even when their developers' sites are not.

Besides being "a popular destination for software downloads" [4] , Softpedia features news, reviews and interviews on information technology , software and tech accessories. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Size: 10 MB Download now. Size: 2. Size: 55 KB Download now. I'll take a look. Free Kindle Books. Best Free Antivirus for Android. Best Free Live Wallpaper for Android. Windows Desktop Software. Windows Apps. Windows Portable Apps.

Mac Software. Linux Software. Android Apps. Online Apps. Security Software. Get notified by email of our latest finds:. Video tutorial on codecs available. FileMancer 1. FileMancer is a multi-platform freeware file sharing utility that allows you to download your files using any web browser, on any device.

Com Windows Repair 4. Use Code "Covid". Auto Dark Mode 3. Auto Dark Mode lets you schedule when dark mode takes place automatically changing from light to dark at user-defined times.

Customizable Remote Administration Panel 2. Customizable Remote Administration Panel or CRAP for short, allows you to build a command-line launcher for performing remote work, and more.

Emsisoft Decryptor for Jigsaw 1. Emsisoft Decryptor for Jigsaw is a free tool that allows you to decrypt files targeted by the Jigsaw ransomware. Tron Tron is an Open Source script that includes a collection of Windows batch files specifically to run tools for scanning, disinfection, and cleanup of your machine.

Confide 1. Confide is a secure messaging app featuring fully encrypted self-destructing messages and more. McAfee Stinger McAfee Stinger is a portable app used to detect and remove specific viruses. It was established in It offers softwares for the beginner or advanced users. It has a good interface and details are given in simple words. It also has an amazing user community which assists new users with computer related issues and keeps a tab on irregularities in software.

Softonic was established in and is now the leading software download website in Europe.

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